Parts Unkown


Dubspot and the Warper Party bring you a whole day of excellent eclectic electronic music performers!

12:30- Odd Logic
1:15- !BangInclude
2:00- ATOM
2:45- Heavyw8bit Championchip
3:30- exaltron
4:15- DJ Kiva
5:00 In the Loop
5:45- DJ Endo
6:30- Cosmo D
7:15- DJ Reborn
8:00- The Neggies

Sidewalk outside of Dubspot
348 West 14th Street by 9th avenue
New York, NY

Thanks for checking it out!

Parts Unkown

Just a quick reminder that this is today!!

For those that do not know, Dubspot is a school in NYC where people can take courses to learn how to make electronic music.  Their teachers and staff will be there if you have any questions.

Parts Unkown

If anyone is interested, you can watch my set from mmny 2011 here:

Hope you enjoy and are entertained.  Thanks!

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