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I love mine, and I thought it was too good to be true. Not much memory to hold gba games, but it's a way to get lsdj on a Ds or gameboy micro with goomba gbc emulator. I have 20 or so NES roms loaded to the cart aswell as 20 gameboy games, and saving works quite well. The only problem is you need to download a different software as the one that comes with it is virus ridden and in another language. The tool "sp link" is a well designed simple interface.

Some pros are:
Great price
Fits flush with GBA (doesn't stick out)
Multiple rom support
Saving for multiple roms

Some cons:
Needs parallel port PC
Needs other software
Not a huge amount of memory

Ask me any questions about it and I will try to answer.

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I use EZ Flash iv, bit more expensive but you don't need a parallel port because it uses mini SD. … uded-22019


Yeah they are good value too, but 8.50$ is too good to be true on the firelinker:)