i didn't see a thread on this tracker, so i thought i'd add it. I've got basically 20 minutes experience with it, but it's a windows AtariXE/XL tracker for writing .SAP files. Capable of writing 4 tracks in mono or 8 tracks in stereo.


This demo track that came with it is the reason i'm starting to learn RMT:

Caruso - 4tk32.mp3

Here's an earlier thread on it.

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/661/a … t-tracker/

Very cool tracker, POKEY sounds great.

POKEY is one of the most underrated chips IMO.  I gotta give these trackers a try soon, I'm more attracted to the native ones however.

aw dammit, i thought i looked through all the atari threads.

any mods wanna delete / lock whatever this in favor of the other thread, DO IT.

but also everyone should listen to that track

Saskrotch wrote:

but also everyone should listen to that track

Word, it's a good song.

saskrotch, yah, somebody ad that few months ago... Awesome OP tracker/sound! ^^ one of my favorites, so far....

And.... i was thinking to create a list of trackers for each console/format like the PIXEL TOOLS LIST im working... but... this site is LOTWAY BETTER
http://woolyss.com/tracking.php - (im sure most of you already know this one)

Fuck. That song is gooooooood.

I know this was originally on Amiga but this rocks so hard:

little-scale's "You Can't Change The World" is great too!

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Raster (author of RMT Tracker) has died...
Atari 8bit scene will miss Him... R.I.P
http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct= … 1311965490

ufff, that's a huge and unexpected loss not only for atari 8bit scene. my sincere condolences. it is very shocking for me.

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What a tragic loss..

Radek (Raster).

Many of us found and still find your tracker to be very useful.  To carry on your legend, hopefully someone will create another POKEY tracker in your memory.

This really sux. Thankyou for everything Raster sad

"train accidents" suck ass

What do the quotes mean?