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So as some of you may know, we at Radiograffiti co-throw (sponsor) a monthly show titled "MELT." Generally these shows feature electronic music that may, or may not have been forgotten alongside the city's newcomers to remind people that despite the perpetual lethargy of our local media, we've still got the balls. This month features an all electronic set from All Tiny Creatures (Emotional Joystick and Curtis Chip) and a slammin' Acid set from Pressboard's group "The Corsican Syndrome." As an extra bonus we have hardcorps alumni Josh Anonymous' new group "Zerobeat." Check out the video below and skip the text to see this fucker in action. Yeah, that's a MIDI guitar.

We also seem to be on an upswing with a local Acid resurgence due to the appearance of Ceephax Acid Crew on the 31st and a namedrop on NPR. Now is a good time to visit. smile

Also, it should be noted that we will be doing a live stream the night of the event. More info on this very, very soon.

MELT #9 presented by 91.7 WMSE and Radiograffiti

WMSE Radio Summer Camp:
ALL TINY CREATURES Special Electronic Set,

Thursday, July 28th, 9pm
Club Garibaldi’s, 2501 S. Superior St.
Milwaukee, WI - USA
$6 – or – enter with your Radio Summer Camp Pass

Once upon a time in the cold, snowy month of January we held our first 3 MELT events and had the honor of hosting ALL TINY CREATURES first ever all electronic show, giving new life to their eclectic sound. Band leader Thomas Wincek also performed a set as his alter-techno-ego Richdad. And a few months later drummer Ben Derickson returned to kill us all with a set of live acid techno as Curtis Chip. Members of the Zod Records family, Tom and Ben have been making some of the best, most intricate, mind bending electronic music in the Midwest or anywhere for years. ALL TINY CREATURES have been huge friends to us, their ALL ELECTRONIC SET is a unique and rare sonic experience, something that fans of the band and/or electronic music simply should not miss. We also welcome back ZEROBEAT, the electronic drums and midi guitar duo who give proper meaning to the term ‘live electronic music’. Plus our friend PRESSBOARD will team up with his pal KEMLUS for some live acid as THE CORSICAN SYNDROME.

MELT #9 is part of WMSE RADIO SUMMER CAMP! This means that you can get into this show with your WMSE RSC Pass. So get one! We want to see EVERYONE at MELT. We were very happy to see a LOT of new faces last month and we want to see you all again. And if you have not been to one of our shows… your presence is welcome and wanted… this is the show. The time is now. You have been warned and you have no excuses.



“All Tiny Creatures blur the line between what a live band can do and what an electronics-obsessed experimenter can create alone at home.”
 – Onion AV Club

“….For the past four years, I’ve been listening to All Tiny Creatures. Living to All Tiny Creatures. It began with a demo forwarded over by Chris Rosenau, attributed to Thomas Wincek, a guy I only knew as Chris’s bandmate in the venerable Collections of Colonies of Bees and the brain behind Emotional Joystick, a name that rested in my mind somewhere between Autechre and the Morr Music label. Sure, I’ll put it on. A day later, I’d played the songs no less than a dozen times over. They’d taken root. Some guy in Wisconsin just gets it. Among our extended group of friends, I’d found the music that could stand up to my brain and hold its own. I’d long-loved Harmonia, Ashra, XTC, and King Crimson, like some time-traveler three decades away from her home… but All Tiny Creatures taught me why.

Two years after that first listen, Thomas Wincek multiplied by four: enter Andrew Fitzpatrick, Ben Derickson, and Matthew Skemp. Hometapes collaborated with the band on the release of Segni, a four-track 12” EP and instrumental thunderclap of skill, theory, and intention. Live performances turned explosive; All Tiny Creatures was evolving. By then, Wincek, along with his Collections of Colonies of Bees bandmates and Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon, was now a force behind the band Volcano Choir. With a mind stretched across projects, not to mention life with a young family in Madison, Wisconsin, Wincek seemed to run on some hidden aquifer of ideas and energy. It was just this accretion, like gasses swirling in outer space, that brought the band to critical mass in the shape of 2011’s Harbors.

This is truly modern music.” – Sara Padgett Heathcott, Hometapes

Live electronic drums + midi guitar duo of DJ Anonymous [ Addict Records ] and Joe Niesen. This is ZEROBEAT’s 2nd appearance at MELT, they pretty much floored everyone and stole the show the first time around. Prepare for round 2…
…a project started 3+ years ago. a lot of time and tweaking spent on getting our instruments set up to achieve the vision we have of taking live electronic music to a new level of playability. both musicians first (joshua-drums,joe-guitar).…it goes like this- both have spent many years in various music projects, be it funk,rock, metal, djing, experimental noise, breakcore, jungle/drum&bass, disco………well, we like a lot of different music and it comes through in our songwriting through ZEROBEAT

THE CORSICAN SYNDROME [ Pressboard + Kemlus ]
Live acid duo consisting of KEMLUS and one our favs, PRESSBOARD.

MELT creator and curator, The Demix will open the evening with a special DJ set.

Guest Host: ERIK VOID of WMSE |

Milwaukee, WI

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Joking. The whole show will be streamed from this Thursday. Proper links will be posted here the day of.

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