.IPS graphics patches for LittleSoundDJ!

Here are some example images of the fonts/graphics -

(this LSDJ+ patch contains "cleaned up" versions of the original fonts/graphics of LSDJ,
all the patches with a number in the name like the ones below contain new/modified fonts/graphics)

(please excuse the missing R+Loutput tiles in the images +2,+3,and +4, these tiles are in the actual patch and they correspond exactly to the rest of the font, I was just working a little to quickly when I was making example images and I'm a little too busy right now to go back and fix these example images, sorry)

And here is the place where you can actually acquire the .ips patches -

> > > < < <

(These .IPS patches were made for LSDJ version 4_5_1)

You can apply the patches with this program -

If you want something extra special/custom all you need to do is ask politely.

Serious requests only, please.

If you want to supply me with your own fonts/graphics please keep in mind the maximum size per letter/tile is 8x8pixels.

I'm working on literary dozens more fonts/graphics sets for LSDJ and I will continue to share them with you right here, so please stay tuned for more.

And please don't forget to thank(and donate money to) Johan Kotlinski, without him none of this would be possible.

Thank you Johan!

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LSDJ+5, +6, and +7 .ips patches -

> > > < < <


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Matthew Joseph Payne

Hey, this is pretty neat!


I had to fix all the patches that I made because they contained some LSDJ4_5_0 code and they caused some problems for 4_5_1.

And I fixed a minor flaw in the LSDJ+7 patch.

I took down the old patches and put up the fixed ones in their place > > > < < <

So now they all work perfectly, sorry for the inconvenience.

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LSDJ+8 and +9 .ips patches -

> > > < < <

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This is just a quick comparison example to show the difference between Standard LSDJ graphics and LSDJ+ graphics -

(Standard-LSDJ on the left  -  LSDJ+ on the right)
(Both with the same font)

(I used this color palette
Black - 0,0,0
Pink - 255,0,189
White - 255,255,255
Blue - 0,0,255
to emphasize the minor differences)

All the LSDJ+# patches are also "cleaned up" in the same way.

These minor differences in the LSDJ+ patches really help improve readability on actual hardware.(for me at least)

I wish I had a better camera so that I could show you the difference between Standard-LSDJ and LSDJ+ on an actual DMG.

I don't want to say that the "cleaned up" versions are way better because some people might like the anti-aliasing in Standard-LSDJ.

In my opinion though I don't think any anti-aliasing is necessary for such small fonts/graphics, I like simplicity, just a solid foreground color with a solid contrasting background color.

What do you guys/girls think?

(I think the Kiko-replacement-font in the LSDJ+7 patch is my favorite so far, and I hate the Kiko-replacement-font in LSDJ+9)
(But I'm still working on a bunch of really cool fonts right now and I'm putting more effort into making some more interesting alien fonts/symbol fonts)

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Hoxton, London UK

I do love kiko,
great work on these, they're cool, can't wait to play them..

seen the fonts on dafont? might be good for inspiration..

Psydney, Australia

Would it be possible to make a little tool or script that would enable people to convert their won fonts into patches?

Riverside, CA

Comic Sans please?


I think it would look nice with a 3x3 font.

Once I get a copy, I'll be sure to send you an email. Cool stuff! smile

SurfaceDragon wrote:



iLKke - I can't really make a tool or script for LSDJ font modification.

But I can put your fonts(or anyone else's fonts) into LSDJ patches.

Maximum size per letter/tile is 8x8pixels.

I use the program YY-CHR to modify the fonts within LSDJ by hand, then I turn the modified version into a patch using the program Lunar IPS.

I can try to put together a tutorial on how to do it but I think it would be easier for me to just modify it for you.

So if you want your custom font put into LSDJ send me the font or an image containing A-through-Z,-,#,?,!, and/or any other 8x8(or less)pixel graphics. Then I'll make you a custom patch and post it here.

(The image examples of the LSDJ+ patches will show you every tile within LSDJ that I have the ability to modify.)

I'm working on a bunch more LSDJ+ patches and I'll be posting them here very soon.


LSDJ+10 and +11 .ips patches -

> > > < < <

The LSDJ+10 patch contains 2 variations of a custom font that I drew replicating the code from the "The Matrix" movies and another custom font that I drew that's supposed to look like a seven-segment-LED-display.(The Y2K-replacement-font in this patch is my new favorite font.)

And the LSDJ+11 patch contains the Comic Sans font that The Silph Scope requested, uppercase, lowercase, and backwards.(I really don't like Comic Sans font at all but I'm always happy to fulfill requests for The Silph Scope.)

More LSDJ+ patches are still in the works and I will be adding them to the LSDJ+ patch collection in the next few days.

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Psydney, Australia

Oh I just remembered something!
I doubt that this is actually possible to do, but you seem like the right man to ask.

A while ago I made some UI redesign mockups for LSDJ that use only a single new tile.

This is how it'd look if I had all the tiles in the world

An older and flawed version, but with colour variations: (click to embiggewiggemiggenate)

I have no idea how these "screen maps" are organized and if it's easy to edit them, but yeah I guess my question is would something like this be possible?

iLKke wrote:

The blue and orange one is so awesome!


iLKke - I tried and I can't really do what you're asking for.

I tried replacing the blank tile with a #sign and this was the result -

But replacing the blank tile obviously affects a lot of different places within LSDJ and its not a wise thing to replace because it just causes clutter and nonsense.

And I personally don't like to sacrifice practicality for something purely aesthetic.

Johan would probably the person to ask but I don't think he really wants to do a re-design of LSDJ because that would most likely just cause a bunch of new bugs/problems.