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I use a DS Lite too, and I love it. The sound is perfect, it has two backlit (frontlit, no idea..) screens and despite it's size it's still portable. Mine after 4 years of heavy use still has awesome batterylife. And the best part about Nanoloop 2.5 is that you actually only need one cart to make seamless mixes!
The only annoying thing about using a DS Lite with Nanoloop 2.5, is the cart sticking out.

But yeah, I'd say go for the DS Lite.

Offtopic: so that means you'll start writing some awesome Dubtunes on Nanoloop 2? big_smile

no dub tunes right now, but definitely something that I'm liking. I'll share soon!

About the DS flash carts wiping out nanoloop data:
I'm still not sure why this happens, but it's difinitely a bug in the R4 etc firmware, not in nanoloop. I have added some code that recognises damaged data and repairs them and this seems to have fixed the problem.
Writing to the flash memory is a complex set of commands that's hardly issued by accident, so R4 and others seem to try actively to write to some flash cart (that by coincidence contains the same chip as nanoloop 2.3) without asking.

My favorite Game Boy for nanoloop 2.x is still a white original GBA. There is some humming going on and the screen has no backlight, but it feels best in your hand. I never liked the laptop-like designs, from GBA SP to DSi. But of course sound-wise and also for graphics, especially in negative mode, DS lite is best.

oliver: can i by any chance get a copy of the 2.3 .mb after this change was made so i can be sure both of mine are good? think at least one of my carts still has an older version of 2.3, possibly both

You can buy GBA flash carts which boot ROMs which are held on R4 cards - I'm guessing this is the reason it does that?

most likely

i would do  a sound comparison for you guys but i just fried my sp and my ds died on me.
i am itching to hear if there are any timberal differences with how the different models handle fm synthesis. i would think they would be about the same but i am jsut curious if the sample channel is built the exact same for each model.

i would do a sound comparison, but itd still be my music
(also sold the orig gba, but have: gba game cube player, gba sp, gba sp v2, gb micro, nds lite)

To continue the conversation.. How do you guys go about creating tracks on nl2.5? I usually try to make on good loop and then adjust / take parts away... but everything ends up a bit samey... Any tips on how you compose?

Also, is it just me or does the "play 4notes in a row" on l an r chans actually play 5 notes? The first note is repeated once the cycle finishes .. I try to use it to pack more info into 1/8 patterns but it requires some workaround.

Compared to LSDJ, the tracks I've made so far are like you mentioned: samey. But I haven't got into using the song editor screen much yet.

i just do everything live. i am not a fan of the song editor.
I love the sound capability of 2.x but the interface leaves out a lot that i think would be useful. pitch bending over the C channel would be sweet. i also wish i had more steps with out having to slow down to 1/8 and the likes.
i have been having trouble writing the complicated patterns i want to even with the delay screen. also i wish you could adjust the sounds through out each step with out having to re-trigger. just sound more sculpting in general would be awesome too. the capabilities feel a little to thin for me a lot of the time. i would seriously use this thing all the time if i could just have a little more.

maybe i am just greedy....?

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Haha.. Sounds like me too.. Love the breadth of sounds I can make but sequencing feels so rigid

I've found that a lot of the fun is making the program do things it's not supposed to.

I don't mind having only a couple of patterns to work with, actually. It enables me to make nice, repetitive Minimal Techno. Makes it easy to play live too. With LSDJ I always have too many patterns and I don't remember half of them which makes me fuck up when I play live... big_smile

And the fact that you can switch between songs without delay or stopping the music won me over.

e.s.c.: you can download the latest 2.5 ROM from www.nanoloop.com/usb. there is still a bug in the song mode though that causes patterns to be skipped / repeated when all rows are in 1/x tempo.

gah, well thanks for letting me know about that song mode bug...i write way too much in 1/4 & 1/8 to upgrade to 2.5 yet then (and yeah, i use song mode for when im recording or syncing to external gear), so ill just leave my carts in the gb micros like normal until that little bug is gone smile

oliver wrote:

e.s.c.: you can download the latest 2.5 ROM from www.nanoloop.com/usb. there is still a bug in the song mode though that causes patterns to be skipped / repeated when all rows are in 1/x tempo.

Will it be made known when that's fixed? Would've been good to know beforehand on this last song I was working on.