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How to generate infinite random sounds on the R channel:

I've used this on a few of my songs made in 1.5, examples: … 907D61248/

It's very easy to do and I think it sounds cool, seems like a cheap way to make your song sound better, but there are thousands of combinations you can do to change how this will sound.


The first block has a note in the R channel, with an arp on it. You can make the arp have 2-3 different notes in it, but just make sure you have at least 2 so it works right. Keep the decay all the way up, so that the note never fades out.
In the next 1-3 gray blocks you want to place slides, the slides need to be at the very bottom of the scale. Use as many slides as you want after the arp, it will change the sound up ALOT
(If you don't know how to place slides, refer to the 1.5 manual:


After you have you first loop down, it's good to make another loop with more slides in it, to keep the sound even more random. You can try putting slides that go all the way up, or multiple ones that go down, just mess around with it and then let the sound play for awhile and see what comes out. Keep this loop going in your song until your ready to stop playing the random sounds.

-You can also do this in the S channel, it won't work in the L channel because of the 5th channel feature
-You don't have to use an arp, you can also use the vibrato, but it will sound alot different
-Experiment with it wink

If you don't understand something in this brief explanation, just ask me.