I'm in need of cover art for this year's Merry Chipmas 2011 collaboration album.

- Good quality pixel art
- Holiday time inspired
- Either produced from the kindness of your heart or for a small fee (I have no/little cash)
- 500px by 500px minimum size
- A square image size

Submit to: hello[at]brkbrkbrk.com

This was a great success last year - if you could help, thank-you! :)

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I thought I sent you a cover :I

You did, but I've been asking everyone :P
I've only had two back, and I prefer yours out of the two (it was a hard choice, they're both amazing!).
Could you send me the layered file soon? - I'd quite like to crack on and build the webpage for the release :)

Welllllllp, I'll see if I have it in my backups.
My computer crashed a day after you asked for the PSD :\

is there a deadline for submissions or did you already find what you were looking for?

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