Toy Company - PLAYROOM Vol.1

Track list:
1.Battle Lava - abandonyourflesh 04:14
2.XyNo - BlaSTer burn 01:56
3.Commodore 84 - Ass To The Gym 03:23
4.ilkae - ffd4f4 02:20
5.XC3N - 57013N 04:25
6.starPause - tachs-k9d 02:50
7.TOUCHBOY - Interst8 '08 (Live from The Cell) 08:46
8.Taxi Nouveau - To You 02:50
9.Noia - Milky Maze 04:24
10.Pocaille - Paralume 04:43
11.PROCYON LOTOR - 3000 vs 1 03:40
12.QQQ - Troy Campony 04:04
13.UnCanard - Migration 03:42
14.PaK-Zer0 - Sweat and heartstrokes (es un monstruo) 03:54
15.Rhinostrich - Empire 03:36
16.Aliceffekt - Wish Granted (Passage III) 10:02

$5 CAD  (or more)(for support)

Toy Company is a series of 8bit/lo-fi techno music parties happening in Montreal organized by a few artists of the local chiptune scene.

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London, UK

Amazing compilation! Bought.


heart heart heart heart heart

Philly, PA, USA

bought, this shit is so good!


ty pixls

montreal, qc

wow, great work montreal! some real bangers on here; looking forward to the release party!

Joliette, QC, Canada

TONIGHT ! big_smile


What a fucking great show that was!

Joliette, QC, Canada
Battle Lava wrote:

What a fucking great show that was!

Oh fuck yeah ! Dude your liveset was totally a blast...torso beast ! XD
was really cool to see everyone yesterday...
Oh and James is now Marty McFly !