Today At 4 PM EST i will be on air doing my radio show thing 91.5 WUML. Check out the webstream and like the show if you like. Going to be playing a bunch of stuff today. … 2299246886

this show rocks!!!!

Everybody tune in I'm Live right now!

word.  this rules!  who made that hip-hop song?

its commodore84+A1 i think i found out about them on Malobit

nice, and thanks for the promo!

good show wink

No problem man. Thanks for the good Comments guys. … ylist=8177
This the whole tracklist for today's show just in case there was something you missed or didn't know what i was playing

hadnt seen that Pokey Love release posted anywhere. nice one.

Hmm i have an opportunity to do a show tonight should i do one? if i do it will be from 10 to midnight EST.
May be if people want they can call in and do interviews and stuff? also just a bunch of requests if i get enough of them

sounds awesome, I'll call in AND request wink

We will see i need more then one if im gonna do it

I could go for that. I could even send you a totally new song...

well i have a show coming up tuesday. if you still  want to.

Ha, I didn't realize I was a day late... OK, I'll probably send you something smile