SKGB is back from the depths of the psuedo-Desi Basso-Masochisto alternate universe with some new sounds to smash systems, cause a commotion, and sip tea (hardcore-to-the-max-style). Don't be a fool, wrap your tool! And by that I mean, come and party with us.

513 North 12 Street (right above Spring Garden, right below The Institute)
Philadelphia, PA

Open mic is back. Show up early, arm yourself with the latest in lo-bit electronics and seize the stage!

... 9pm
It Begins!
1. Dain Saint
2. TreyFrey
(viz by PixelSeed)

SKGB … es-of-skgb
Likes: speaking in 3rd person. Does not like: hailing our new robot overlords. Fight the power with over-driven bass cannons and Cheap Tricks! The Singularity will only occur if we lose faith in lord Shiva.

Will make you dance till your feet disintegrate. And lose yourself. Is widely considered to be properly classified as "Epic".

Dain Saint
Is capable of giving even proto-Asimovian robots the "warm feelings" with his skillful fusion of jazz keyboard and soulful 8bit jams. Also: dubstep?

Will bombard your eyeballs with "da illness". Side effects include: questioning the powers that be, and possible riots.

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