so ive had luck on this site with this kind  of thing before so i thought i'd ask., what little cow'p tunes i had got lost and even that was given to me by a friend. ive located his soundcloud but every other site i found that makes me think i might be able to download or purchase an album has broken links. ive also searched under com b but that was a no go too. if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

i'm also interested as well

actually, if anyone has a source to purchase "africa" im interested.

I am going to hop on this wagon and request all those tracks as well.

what happened to his site? I got a good handful of mp3's from there.

sounds liek something i'd do

Cow'p fan club yeh-ah!

I know I have some obscure mp3's floating around AND an actual cd he gave me at blip 2008 while we ripped the molding off the stage during USK . I have yet to find that cd after ripping it and never saw another copy EVER

that was probably "bass experience", i got mine off him at blip08

i have an ep of 4 remixes i did of cow'p songs, i donno how to release it though. big cow'p fan

i guess it isnt cool to share mp3s of his cds?

a few great trax here:

i love the solomon's key cover.

He gave me a couple of CDs but I left them in Buenos Aires until the time I can pick them up hmm

He was going to do a release on S18 before Retinascan just disappeared. If a label gets in touch about releasing some of his stuff again I'm sure he'd agree.

heart cow'p

Anybody know where I can get Bass Experience or any other Cow'p releases?

best way would be to email him, or hit him up here maybe?