Hi everyone. I recently collaborated with a couple of fellow chiptune musicians in Japan on a soundtrack for a Japanese adult eroge (aka "hentai game") for Windows PC. It's not just some regular dating game though; It's a 2D overhead action-adventure "futanari sneaking" game. Yes, the "sneaking" part is quite similar to a certain popular game franchise.

Pretty much the objective of the game is to survive each level by avoiding losing sanity before time is up. Since your "sanity level" (health bar) progressively drops, you have to sneak your way through the public finding sweets to replenish your health without getting detected. And if you do get spotted, you have to run away while avoiding getting surrounded & attacked by enemies... and eventually find a place to hide (e.g. cardboard boxes). Again, quite similar to a certain game popular game franchise.

But in addition to all of this, one of the main & more peculiar gameplay mechanics is that you're supposed to make your character pleasure herself -- complete with an always-visible, phallic-looking "excitement gauge" on the side of your screen. Eventually white liquid accumulates all over your gameplay view as you keep doing it. I am not making this up.

The long term objective of the game is to unlock all the ero scenarios -- which, depending on what level and what criteria you need to meet (e.g. successfully pleasuring yourself X amount of times, finding X amount of items in a level, getting a mess of enemies to chase after you, etc.), will eventually unlock a scenario with its theme based on the level that you finished. They're fully voiced and all, just like a normal ero ADV / dating game sim.

The main director and artist is Misakura Nankotsu -- a pretty famous 2D ero artist who's also well-known for really detailed futa/dickgirl art. Specifically he's known for a series called "Asa Kara Zusshiri Milk Pot", which is coincidentally the series that the game (and two previous ADV games & an anime) is based off from. He did all pixel art in the game, and collaborated with Hida on the ero scenario pics.

As for the audio section, it's all chiptune goodness -- featuring Hally, Keishi Yonao, KAJA, and me smile
Hally did the opening theme (with Alice Sakurai singing) and a stage BGM. Keishi Yonao did the menus, the ero scenes, a (really awesome & hyper) "!" panic song, and a stage BGM. KAJA did the sound effects. I did the majority of the stage BGM.

It was first released in Comic Market 81 (aka Comiket, C81) during the end of last year, and is now sold in the major doujinshi (indie comics & nerdy material) shops in Japan like Toranoana and MelonBooks.
Even though the retail product is not available outside Japan, fortunately overseas folk can purchase & download the actual game itself via DLsite.com. The game itself is not translated, but it's fairly easy to understand the tutorial in the game.


English page of DLsite.com (you can buy the download here & read about the storyline):
http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/ … 87900.html

Game homepage (Japanese-language only):

OP Theme @ YouTube (slightly censored version):

Gameplay preview @ Niconico:

Considering the nature of the game, obviously this is something a bit unorthodox for me to talk about. And I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of milk tea. But I had a lot of fun making music for it -- especially considering the limited timeframe involved. So I hope you at least check it out for the music.

So yeah, I guess that's all I have to say about it for now.

(edit: additional info & corrected typos)

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I'm so all over this.  Good for you for sharing this since there's likely no way I would have found out about it otherwise.

awwweeeeeeesome! love the pixel art.

will there be some sort of OST release?

an-cat-max wrote:

awwweeeeeeesome! love the pixel art.

will there be some sort of OST release?

Yeah, that'll appear sometime soon. It's definitely planned. smile

this is so up my alley, i was just getting bored with artificial academy

chibi-tech wrote:
an-cat-max wrote:

awwweeeeeeesome! love the pixel art.

will there be some sort of OST release?

Yeah, that'll appear sometime soon. It's definitely planned. smile

Yay, Im so down for that!

Oh hell. HAHAHa

Quality! Will get when I'm not at work (thanks for the warning).