What does that EVEN MEANNNSSS

Chicago IL

(10:05:22 PM) Dauragon: Reteris your continuing facination for 8bc can only be matched by my level of inability to understand it

Brooklyn NY US

[00:19] <pixls> so, two dudes just came into the building being like
[00:19] <pixls> guys
[00:20] <pixls> there's a fucking ghost in the building
[00:20] <pixls> and they were dead serious
[00:20] <starfighterdreams> well who did you call pixls?
[00:20] <locks> nice pun, "dead serious"
[00:20] <Khades> why so serious?
[00:20] <pixls> i didn't call anyway
[00:20] <pixls> er
[00:20] <locks> liek, dead sirius and they were DEAD
[00:20] <pixls> anyone
[00:20] <locks> HAH!
[00:20] <pixls> locks oh haha
[00:20] <starfighterdreams> what you did there...I see it
[00:20] <i_cactus> bzzzz you lose
[00:21] <i_cactus> ronnie james dio has kicked the bucket
[00:21] <starfighterdreams> *bows head*
[00:23] <locks> he just sang at the bucket and it kicked itself
[00:23] <locks> fuck the bucket
[00:24] <nigel> maybe it's Dio's ghost
[00:24] <i_cactus> whoa, that makes sense!
[00:25] <nigel> yeah he knows pixls is a punk too
[00:25] <nigel> he's going through the halls with chains on going stfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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<nerdolf> Reteris: shut your face you speak angry words toward my mind, music not stolen go blame other man


<zabutom> (d)emo scene kids

astral cat


United States


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[1:06:24 PM] CalmDownKidder: 1) Release amazing EP
[1:06:24 PM] CalmDownKidder: 2) Fuck doing anything else, coast from 1)
[1:06:24 PM] CalmDownKidder:  --Excerpt from "bit_shifter's guide to success" 8bitpeoples Print Media


CDk still working on step one.

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[16:11]    <zanzan>    only two things come from texas: trolls

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[12:13]    <CDK>    in the UK, you can talk to the police
[12:13]    <CDK>    and it's cool
[12:13]    <CDK>    unless you go "Excuse me officer Bacon, what's the time, dickfuck?"

York, Yorkshire

<Heosphoros> arps are for pussy ass faggots, moders or good composers.

[09:22] <Phone-Kharlan> Hi?
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[09:22] <Bitpop> lol

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[20:46]    <Reteris>    To you he is nothing, not to me. To me he is everything that I stand for...rightouesness, pureness, holiness, love, happiness, HOPE, friendliness, truth, humbled power. Kinda funny how you (opposer of Christ) condone fear, hatred, despair, anger, aggressivness, hopelessness, doubt...cont..
[20:47]    <arlen>    To you, this couch is nothing, not to me. To me it is everything that I stand for... comfiness, fluffiness, relaxitude, and awesomeness.
[20:47]    <AWFA>    lol
[20:47]    <Reteris>    lol
[20:48]    <NathanChip>    Aahaahahaahha


<Nahob> i dont learn porn stars' names
<Nahob> i like to pretend their women i know in real life
<CalmDownKidder> You don't have to justify yourself to us, Nahob
<greatspaceadventure> you should make an exception for tiffany million
<greatspaceadventure> not only is (was, not too sure about now) strikingly attractive she also
<greatspaceadventure> she also has a great sense of humor
<Nahob> i like to pretend theyre the ones i know in real life by pretending i dont know their name and im peeking into their house from the roof of my neighbor's house
<greatspaceadventure> she was a wrestler at some point i think
<greatspaceadventure> so prop points for that
<boomlinde> lol, nahob


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<locks> hi Reteris
<locks> fuck

Nashville, Tennessee

<ovenrake> thats like a metric fuckton of kilobreasts