You guys know the drill:

(00:04:01) arlen: k bai
(00:04:13) arlen: see you later minusbaby 8bc.

Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

<Subway_Kurt>    hey guise: … es-thread/ big_smile


Reteris wrote:
Subway Sonicbeat wrote:

<Subway_Kurt>    hey guise: … es-thread/ big_smile

Wow, that is like sooo meta!

<anamanaguchi> Can I have ops (what is ops)
<anamanaguchi KICK #chipmusic FatController [ops are for wusses! and bots!]
<anamanaguchi JOIN #chipmusic [[email protected]]
<anamanaguchi> tehehehe

<herr_prof> PlainFlavored: before chiptune i used to read dictionaries for fun
* AdamGetsAwesome ignores thecmen
<herr_prof> chiptune is alot like that, in terms of effort to fun ratio

PlainFlavored wrote:

* AdamGetsAwesome ignores thecmen

Now I want to watch "Something About Mary" again...

(3:51:36 AM) bit_shifter: fucking Swedes
(3:51:42 AM) pixls: srsly
(3:51:42 AM) trash80: srsly

timing ftw

[21:53]    <Awol>    that should be a shirt or something.
[21:53]    <Dauragon>    hahaha
[21:54]    <celsius>    you should be a shirt
[21:54]    <Awol>    i am a shirt.
[21:54]    <Dauragon>    oh FUCCCKK
[21:54]    <Awol>    a hell actual shirt.
[21:54]    <celsius>    yikes
[21:54]    <bit_shifter>    this place is weird
[21:54]    <_10k>    do a heaps ...
[21:54]    <_10k>    shit

this made me laugh
[9:49pm] <nigel>F
[9:49pm] <nigel>U
[9:49pm] <nigel>its METAL
[9:49pm] <yuh>haha
[9:49pm] <dj-datavirus627>mrogon wink
[9:49pm] <dj-datavirus627>and gnatt to me wink
[9:49pm] <nigel>what are you talking about
[9:49pm] <yuh>ya what
[9:50pm] <nigel>i think dj-datavirus is one of those bots
[9:50pm] <nigel>that just spouts out random shit every couple hours
[9:50pm] <yuh>heh
[9:50pm] <yuh>wierd
[9:50pm] <nigel>just collected data regurgitated wrongly
[9:50pm] <dj-datavirus627>hm nigel
[9:50pm] <dj-datavirus627>commmdaore c64 and u96 nigel
[9:51pm] <dj-datavirus627>is my nick
[9:51pm] <dj-datavirus627>i m not botpulgfucker hahaha nigel
[9:52pm] <nigel>see you just say shit that doesnt mean anything
[9:52pm] <nigel>what the fuck is commmdaore c64 and u96
[9:53pm] <abrasive>what an annoying bot.
[9:53pm] <nigel>what the fuck
[9:53pm] <nigel>abrasive: is it a bot?
[9:53pm] <nigel>did you make it?
[9:53pm] <abrasive>of course i didn't. don't be silly.
[9:53pm] <abrasive>dj-datavirus627: if you are not a bot, please pm me.
[9:53pm] <tristendo>lol
[9:54pm] <yuh>oh man

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[10:08pm] <dj-datavirus627>can you cod bit_shifter
[10:08pm] <dj-datavirus627>in msbasic wink
[10:08pm] <bit_shifter>I can cod like a motherfucker
[10:08pm] » bit_shifter turns into a fuckin' fish
[10:08pm] <bit_shifter>how do you like that
[10:08pm] <bit_shifter>HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT
[10:08pm] <v3r0n1qu3>is everyone drunk in here?

<PlainFlavored> a corndog is also where you grab someone on the shoulders from behind and ram your knee into their ass
<PlainFlavored> also known as a horny rhino

< facundont> fat girls - they dont call the cops

I never got an answer to my question...

George wrote:

I never got an answer to my question...


[1:33:32 AM] adamgetsdutch: facundo?
[1:33:38 AM] pixls: facundo has a beard sometimes
[1:33:44 AM] Dauragon: is facundo beardless now
[1:33:47 AM] adamgetsdutch: facundo has a beard even when he shaves
[1:33:51 AM] adamgetsdutch: he was beardless for about 2 hours
[1:33:55 AM] adamgetsdutch: then it grew back