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so i have an ems32 flash card

and a mega memory card

i have been doing regular backups of LSDj from my ems32 to the megamemory card.

my cart crashed yesterday :'(
im not sure if it's a battery issue or what...

but anyways,
im thinking about getting a new USB 64mb flash cart.

if i have the same version of LSDj on a new cart
do you think i will be able to restore my old saves
on a new cart?


Yea sav data is ROM agnostic.

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thanx herr prof.
kitsch just got my money!


I have had zero problems with my 64mb cart. It's really a step up from the 32m one; it crashed on me the first day I got it. D:

But yeah, savs are sluts when it comes to LSDj.