SO yesterday i got this small LCD TV with composite in ,
today i made atari > composite cable and all i got iz diz ::

its because my trashy cable or its the LCD problem ?
Atari with RF + TV works fine


That's noticeably a sync problem. Your atari is not sending a 15Khz signal to the monitor.
Have you wired it properly? is TOS set to High Res?

ITS not a HI RES monitor --- its just sum deal extreme LCD TV with composite in : O

I know what monitor it is, I mean, YOUR cabling or YOUR atari is outputting a horizontal scan frequency higher than 15Khz, this is why it looks like that, because that monitor will NOT accept that.

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I couldnt get it to work in color composite mode period, until i got:

none of my lcds liked the sync rate!

That's a scan converter, an upscaler to be precise. It is for making the 15Khz RGB signal work on a VGA monitor that needs a ~30Khz signal.
Kodek's monitor receives a 15Khz signal, but his Atari ST is sending a 30Khz signal (High Res mode is at 30Khz if I don't remember wrong).

As I said before, the route to get a composite signal out of an ST is usually complicated and I don't know how possible. I'll let an Atari ST connoisseur speak.

PS: check here:

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yea i actually made cable like this … site_cable

AmigaManiac has just started selling his RGB adapters again.  Currently I have a Composite + S-Video to VGA converter on hand, the same one on the page, so I'll be ordering his RGB adapter soon.  Those two apparently work pretty good together to get a VGA out, by RGB to S-Video to VGA. It's been done on Amiga, and I do remember seeing someone with it on their ST as well!  I'll let you all know how it works out for me.

STe has RF out?
Did you try 50 and 60Hz refresh?

YUP Ste haz RF out // ++  umm where i should set that refresh rate ?

I could never get my RF output to look right. sad

This problem is related to horizontal scan, not to vertical refresh rate.
If you had a vertical refresh rate problem, you'd get a jumpy image that displaces in a vertical manner.

The anomaly you are getting comes from wrong horizontal scan as I said.
Try a game instead of TOS.

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There is small utils/apps that let's you change between 50 and 60 Hz. Many game packs like "Pompey Pirates" and others let you switch in the game select menu.