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Some of you old folks must remember Zanzawmatania from back in the day? Some may even remember how awesome it was and liked it and asked Santa for some but got a ruler/eraser/protractor instead? Well today is your lucky day!

To mark the 4th anniversary of Zan being Zanzanzawaveia there are some ~new~ retrospectives out. Don't know if any of you remember Drop Outs (do noy click offsite links unless you're feeling dangerous) but this is the follow-up; bigger, better and shinier with added bells. It's a secret history of ZZZV from 2010-11, for ravenous completists or curious new fans, gathering together all the rare tracks that never got a proper album release (you might know some already so it's not-so-secret for you). Since Zan is an old-school conceptualist wrt albums, that means a lot of tracks never made the cut, in fact whole releases never got released. So here it is!

As before they're fan-made comps (since they wouldn't get released otherwise) but with Zan getting paid for all this hard work (Drop Outs was free for a year so if you missed it more fool you~), put simply they're made both for your and Zan's benefit. A lot of time and thought has gone into these: track selection (a lot was left out) and research, track sequencing for flow, chronology and narrative, volume levelling yada yada; tracks were fiddled with only where absolutely necessary, the intent being to stay as true to the original Zzzv sound as possible.

Don't think this is inferior material, in fact I personally prefer a large amount of this to the albums, and it's arguably more accessible; think of it as a collection/anthology/box set of "lost" albums (Zan abandons more projects than most people release in their careers), compilation subs, single tracks and b-sides (since that's what it basically would be without the internet making distribution totally different).
Anyway, not gonna overhype – you know what this sounds like, don't you?! If you don't, then luckily you can hear it all now~

**~>** There are some special offers on at the moment, poke around. Drop Outs is also back online, the first volume is still free but the others are just too good to give away sad smile To reiterate, this wasn't made to make a quick buck (took like, a year to compile and release) but out of a love for Zan's amazing music (and businessphobia). **<~**

tl;dr click here and listen to mega-amazing music

PS enjoy!

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listening to the first one right now... pure gold!


oh my god.


Totally gotta listen to this.

Zan-zan has always been my personal chiptune #1 fave and this is just a goldmine.


hee thank you!

these are OFFICIAL BOOTLEGS you guys


absolutely essential listening here


Thankis everyone who bought these and/or spread the word. It's much appreciated and will keep Zan in good spirits and/or fed and/or motivated in writing more awesomeness in ftm format. I finally made a sort of permanent banner for the Bandcamp so that's my justification for belatedly bumping this, go look at it! or something

I still have a few copies left (hohoho) so if anyone else wants to buy they'll be able to, until the internet ends and/or other unforseen circumstances like WWIII and/or IV

I didn't really consider people would be buying individual tracks so the price there is a default... you have to change each track's price individually which I can't be arsed doing so sorry :{ I wouldn't know what to charge anyway. For the price of a few you could get a whole album, and the prices go down the more you get *SPECIAL OFFAZ* and I think I mentioned Drop Outs #1 is FREE but not in ALLCAPS



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zan-zan likes kissing angels right on the mouth. he is that saucy.

̛̛̩̥̩̥̩̥̅ ̥⎬̛̛̛̛̛̥̥̩̥̩̩

I got my paypal fixed smile


bump of course because these will always be essential tunes. there are also a scant few copies of meep peep left.


VERY Good work. More special offers please.

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Deleting my itunes music folder when it had all the Drop Out volumes on it was the worst decision of my life.

Thems so tasty shit right they zuh-zuh-zah-wah-e-ah