… s/vmachine

Handy device for running vst's without laptop on stage or home too. Supports many VST instruments and effects. You can put them to four channels that can have multiple vsts and also effects. It has got some bad reviews because some heavier vsts can glitch but from my experience it runs everything I've tried reasonably well.

Runs Plogue Chipsounds perfectly.

In trade I'm interested in small tabletop synths, grooveboxes and effects. Also drum machines from MFB-series, can pay some money for these also.

Can ship worldwide.

Mail me at:
videovalvontaa at gmail dot com

wish i had more stuff i was getting rid of at the moment, do want a vmachine, but the only thing im getting rid of from those categories is an AirFX hmm (dont get me wrong, AirFX is nice, but not near the same $$$ )