Because I believe in culture and art and not listening to shitty Musak at work, I play as much chip as I can (I work in a kitchen.)
Everyone knows I play chip at work, but today I played some stuff I haven't before, and this is an actual conversation:

Boss- "Do you guys hear that? Sounds like a rat dying. Can anyone find that dying rat?"
Me- "No, that's just dubstep."
Boss- "Your arcade techno?"
Me- "Yep."

What's the funniest reaction you've gotten from people when you show them chipmusic?

btw, the song in question: … ntolerance

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Mostly I just get blank stares.  And people question why I'd want to do stuff in 8 bit when it's possible to do up to 24 now.  Because it's cool, that's why.

whats a chipmusic?

that's gay, you're gay

About a chip pop song: "Dude that's not music, it's video game sounds."

bahaa it does kinda sound like a rodent squealing though...

theghostservant wrote:

Boss- "Do you guys hear that? Sounds like a rat dying. Can anyone find that dying rat?"

Sure this wasn't a subtle deadmau5 reference?

Im glad I dont work with assholes.

also: … chipmusic/

Some kid tried to take my brand new zune freshmen year cause they thought it had mario on it when they heard my chips pumpin out my head phones. Boy was he disappointed when I told him it was a zune.

Most people I know of that have listened to chiptune know what it is and know it's possible to compose for it.

Though I've gotten in a lot of interesting conversations.

"What do you mean, it ain't music? It's got a melody, backing, rhythm..."
"Well... It sounds like it's from a videogame."
"From old hardware, you mean. And, uh, you do realize most game devs hire musicians to put music on their games, right? I mean, the Mario level 1-1 tune? It has a composer."

lol back in the days I was working in a restaurant one of my friend said put some chip, I want to listen some ! ok cool...5 minutes later one of the waiter came in the kitchen and said scuse me, can you cut off your fuckin' arcade music please ? XD (I was this close to say sorry man I just put 2 token in it and I want to play to this shit till the end !!! tongue)
If I remember well, it was Paza - Samurajhairstyle !

but anyway dumbstep sounds like dying chipstep is supposed to sounds like 8-bit dying pig ?! YUUUUUUG

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theghostservant wrote:

Because I believe in culture and art...

Thanks smile
Also, not to sound nitpicky, but wouldn't my song not be "chipstep" since there isn't any chip in it?

most people i mention 8 bit music too have no idea 8 bit music exists outside the realm of gameboy trance music. When i gave little scale, joss manley, etc to some of my friends they fucking loved it. Playing them 'system of a master' by Alex Mauer made their eyes light up like they'd just opened their master system oh so many christmas's ago. I think 8 bit music is self involved music though really, like really fucked up electronica and glitch music, you tend to find most of the people that listen to it, make that style of music aswell. Im not sure i know anyone that listens to chip that doesnt either make chiptunes or incorporate 8 bit sounds in their own stuff. also - chipstep is a bit drilling....unless we are talking monodeer......thats the shit !

Admit it. The song you posted actually sounds like a dying rat.

People have only told me that it sounds like a rodent dying.