Hey everybody. I'm new around here, so be gentle. wink

About six months ago I started using Renoise and I guess i fell in love with it. It was quite a productive time we had. So I decided to release my first official album featuring 16 (+1) songs out of over 50 finished and unfinished tracks on my hard drive.

The outcome is something between fakebit, chipbreak, electropunk and tripping on mushrooms. I call it Progressive Experimental Bitcore.

You'll find it here on Bandcamp. At least it's free. heart

Let me know what you think! tongue

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It seems to me, there is no reason to name it like "Core", but it's great!, do yu have any more releases?


Sorry for my late response. I'm happy you like it, but as I wrote in the inital posting this was my first album. I did release an EP yesterday though (it's on Bandcamp) and I'll probably have another album ready in a few months. Also, I'm on SoundCloud, you may find some older songs there: