Hey guys, it's been a while for a release! I wrote this for you all. Hope you enjoy! It's all very free by the way. If you can do me a favor and just spread this around, that'd be great wink

Thank you heart

Grab it here!

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Ghost is proper tasty!

Thank you good sir!

You really like diagonal stripes in your art, don't you?

lol I love it tongue

Very nice, sir! Well done! ;D

FROSTBYTE. this is really awesome man. great work.

nice job bro...

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I liked the first 3 seconds so I downloaded; will listen later

I just wish there was more than 2 songs. Great album

Haha, you guys are fantastic ^^ Thank you very much! I'm glad you all enjoyed!

2Player: You want more than two songs? This was literally one days of work. Codex has been a year+ by now, and will be released in the coming months with 10 tracks wink You'll get your fair share of music wink

Nice tracks smile

Damn. You've gotten good since this time last year. If I wore glasses I'd have slowly taken them off while sporting an open jaw after I hit 'play'

Teehee ^^ Thank you guys so so much smile I really appreciate the feedback. Just wait for my next release smile

Oh wow didn't  know this was one day of work. Wow. Nice work, looking forward to that release

Love it. Well, the first track. That second one is very LULZ.