Hello can somebody give me a list of all the genres of chiptune and their genres
thank you

square0ne wrote:

Hello can somebody give me a list of all the genres of chiptune and their genres
thank you

nerdcore, nintendocore, gameboycore, boycore, gamecore, nintendoboycore

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nerdcore, nintendocore, gameboycore, boycore, gamecore, nintendoboycore



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Chip Unce
This was massively popular in 2008-2009, but has slightly waned in popularity since. Famous for hyper melodies, four to the floor kick drum and always a very high tempo. Generally the Game Boy is the most popular instrument.

Chiptunes + Breakcore = chipbreak. popular around the same time as Chip Unce, there's still some people making this, but it's more rare.

Chip Prog-wankery
It's been around for a while, but it's gaining more popularity at the moment - lots of crazy time signature changes, intricate melodies, and varying tempos. Game Boys are less common in Chip Prog-wankery, the NES and C64 seem to be popular in this regard.

The one for the hipsters are the moment, especially following the massive dubstep boom in recent years - fans have been asking "how do I dubstep my chiptune" and musicians have been providing "massive choonz" that generally require a subwoofer to fully appreciate. A nice mix of Game Boys, Amigas, C64s in this regard.

What about FISH AND CHIPS? That old timey classic.

Chip Alternative
Chip College Rock
Chip Goth Rock
Chip Grunge
Chip Indie Rock
Chip New Wave
Chip Punk
Chip Anime
Chip Blues
Chip Acoustic Blues
Chip Chicago Blues
Chip Classic Blues
Chip Contemporary Blues
Chip Country Blues
Chip Delta Blues
Chip Electric Blues
Chip Children's Music
Chip Lullabies
Chip Sing-Along
Chip Stories
Chip Classical
Chip Avant-Garde
Chip Baroque
Chip Chamber Music
Chip Chant
Chip Choral
Chip Classical Crossover
Chip Early Music
Chip High Classical
Chip Impressionist
Chip Medieval
Chip Minimalism
Chip Modern Composition
Chip Opera
Chip Orchestral
Chip Renaissance
Chip Romantic
Chip Wedding Music
Chip Comedy
Chip Novelty
Chip Country
Chip Alternative Country
Chip Americana
Chip Bluegrass
Chip Contemporary Bluegrass
Chip Contemporary Country
Chip Country Gospel
Chip Honky Tonk
Chip Outlaw Country
Chip Traditional Bluegrass
Chip Traditional Country
Chip Urban Cowboy
Chip Dance
Chip Breakbeat
Chip Exercise
Chip Garage
Chip Hardcore
Chip House
Chip Jungle/Drum'n'bass
Chip Techno
Chip Trance
Chip Disney
Chip Easy Listening
Chip Bop
Chip Lounge
Chip Swing
Chip Electronic
Chip Ambient
Chip Downtempo
Chip Electronica
Chip IDM/Experimental
Chip Industrial
Chip Enka
Chip French Pop
Chip German Folk
Chip German Pop
Chip Fitness & Workout
Chip Hip-Hop/Rap
Chip Alternative Rap
Chip Dirty South
Chip East Coast Rap
Chip Gangsta Rap
Chip Hardcore Rap
Chip Hip-Hop
Chip Latin Rap
Chip Old School Rap
Chip Rap
Chip Underground Rap
Chip West Coast Rap
Chip Holiday
Chip Chanukah
Chip Christmas
Chip Easter
Chip Halloween
Chip Thanksgiving
Chip Christian & Gospel
Chip CCM
Chip Christian Metal
Chip Christian Pop
Chip Christian Rap
Chip Christian Rock
Chip Classic Christian
Chip Contemporary Gospel
Chip Gospel
Chip Christian & Gospel
Chip Praise & Worship
Chip Southern Gospel
Chip Traditional Gospel
Chip Instrumental
Chip J-Pop
Chip Jazz
Chip Avant-Garde Jazz
Chip Big Band
Chip Contemporary Jazz
Chip Cool
Chip Crossover Jazz
Chip Dixieland
Chip Fusion
Chip Hard Bop
Chip Latin Jazz
Chip Mainstream Jazz
Chip Ragtime
Chip Smooth Jazz
Chip Trad Jazz
Chip K-Pop
Chip Karaoke
Chip Kayokyoku

which do you make?

aanaaanaaana chip label is dedicated to bringing you the latest in nursery grunge

"chip hop" should be more of a thing than it is. dunno if anybody should ever call it that, though

Victory Road wrote:

"chip hop" should be more of a thing than it is. dunno if anybody should ever call it that, though

The trouble with that subgenre is that if you put the words together (Chiphop) some people might pronounce if "chifop" by accident.  Which is why, to this very day, it remains a little-explored region of the ocean.

hip-hop + chip


trip-hop + chip




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I think we need Chip Butt Rock

chip dad rock
chip crabcore
chip dip

I just tweeted about chip swing a few days ago, how much of that is there

The world is wicked and it needs more chip gospel.

Don't forget Myfirstlsdjtunecore.

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and those who use soft plugins or trackers with emulated engines, including one-cycle samples from waveforms are generating fakechip music smile chip means that music is produced by real hardware soundchip imho.

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