My initial release of 3 tracks.

Enjoy o_0

PS: Mastered by DJ Cutman

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Nice!... Quite a unique sound... I am curious as to your process though (What did you use to make it and why did you choose that medium?)...

Thanks.  I worked with some game music and effects tracks to create my own samples, then used plugins (magical8bit, TAL-UNO, etc) to get some basic analog sounds.  Then i threw a shitload of Bitcrusher on it, stirred it together with some drum beats, tossed some beat repeat in there for good measure. 

So basically...I just fucked with shit until it sounded fun.  Then I made it louder.

Answer your question?  Probably not...but glad u liked it.  More on the way...

Actually, I like this a lot!

Holy crap, this is a really really realyl good debut haha

I like the haunting sound in the first tracks and I'm so glad its not just a straight cover. Your style reminds me a little bit of Disasterpeace.

8-Bit-Rex wrote:

Your style reminds me a little bit of Disasterpeace

I consider that quite a compliment.  Thank you!

Love that title track. Sounded awesome at Sprinkle Kingdom.


Sprinkle Kingdom was suprisingly an awesome place.  The gigantic sub skgb got sure helped.

Death Blossom is fucking siiiick

I like this stuff. The drum and bass song is super cool

I support this.

I like first track best. And nice dubstep drop too!

calmdownkidder wrote:

Death Blossom is fucking siiiick

Thanks.  I really enjoy playing that live for some reason...

FYI: EASTER/ZOMBIE JESUS SPECIAL!  I just made the whole EP a dollar for the weekend.  Add it to your mp3 collection and play it loudly.