I swear this isn't just an excuse to post my video that my cousin made for my new song...

But it kind of is. In any case, do any of you guys have any video work done for your songs? I'd really like to see them, the video for the "videogames" 8 bit cover was exceptional.

rules schmules alert: this isn't for my song, nor is it chiptune, but i feel that this is the acme of the pixel art music video. nsfl, natch.

Someone in Holland made this one for us. It's pretty rad.

Nice, I didn't like at first the OP's vid, but then it kicked in and I'm not addicted heh
I'm then leave my vid here

hope you enjoy

constant self promotion dot com

the ever constant self promotion dot com

not really chip but i'll play .5 of 10k's card
I also made that ascii spaceship and computer control center design cool
then my buddy did a video for mcfiredrill that deserves more attention, jus' sayin

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much love for mcfiredrill

gameboy bass and other synths. messy improvised beauty.

super sloppy improvised space funk.

the reigning classic

moved to  motion graphics, please post all video-type things in there in the future

Awkwardterrible wrote:


Someone in Holland made this one for us. It's pretty rad.

Really digging this! I love well-done music videos, ones that don't look like raw footage from an iPhone camera.

also, please use the bbcode to embed your videos, either [ youtube ] or [ vimeo ] (without the spaces), then you only need the part after either youtube.com or vimeo.com inside the brackets... make it easier for people to see your stuff, i've done it for everything posted so far

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the reigning classic


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and now that the staff part is out of the way..

these were also the live visuals for traces, tracked out in piggy midi in the same save as the album, played back through my korg kaptivator & edirol v4 mixer (midi ftw)

"Tea With Galactus," video by noteNdo

"Feedback," audiovisual collaboration between me & Flight404. (Song itself is called "Flight Risk")