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I am in full screen mode. I have set it to 2x2  but I still see ONLY 2 tracks, I think I can fit 3 at least!

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You mean in the main window? It only displays tracks which are in the currently selected in the pattern sequencer I think.


Yes, it will show only the patterns the current sequence step has set (you can have empty sequences). Also, in compact mode, you can set the visible pattern data columns to fit even more channels.

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Hmm, I mean, this is what happens:

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Yeah man, it is because you only have one track at that point in the pattern sequencer.

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Looks like a lot of people are having trouble even tho the program is very similar to other trackers. Perhaps I should make a quick overviewof the most basic things.

Note that the fullscreen mode takes res from the window size. In other words, you can set the window to fit your preference (say, show 4 or 8 tracks) and then when you go fullscreen it will keep all that.

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I am having trouble in linux, I get this error on startup

~ $ klystrack
[FATAL] Mix_OpenAudio failed: 

Would love any advice, all other audio apps run fine

Lazerbeat wrote:

I am having trouble in linux, I get this error on startup

~ $ klystrack
[FATAL] Mix_OpenAudio failed: 

Would love any advice, all other audio apps run fine

Did you install it using the .deb package?

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iLKke wrote:

even tho the program is very similar to other trackers.

Well most trackers show all channels regardless of if I am using it at a specific sequencer position or not. This was confusing for me.
AHX for example, you can change the channel pattern position from within the pattern column so you can edit at the sam time (or visibly have at the same time)4 channels of audio. How you sequence them later is another issue and I think this is just confusing.

I opened a track and it showed up other channels all right, but as I said, this leads to confusion for me (I'm an old dog tongue)

akira^8GB wrote:

Well most trackers show all channels regardless of if I am using it at a specific sequencer position or not.

The difference here is that AHX can't have empty sequence positions and all patterns are of same length. I guess at least channel headers could be drawn when there is no pattern at all (now it's a weird hybrid of single pattern editor and multiple channel editor).

EDIT: Also, no idea about the Linux bug. I don't know why SDL_mixer doesn't give any error message but I think the error happens in that library (audio settings?)

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Alright, the latest nightly (middaily?) has keyboard shortcut definition presets. Check the key directory for file FT2. Will update the wiki soon. Could someone provide Protracker etc. keymappings?

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Yeah I understand, it works like Sid Duzz It, where each pattern can have different lengths and whatnot. I guess that's one of the things that always confused me about SDI tongue

Here's the Protracker layout (replace Amiga key with whatever you seem fit!)

The keymap on Protracker is a standard US keymap. The font has been enhanced
 and redrawn a little, so you now have a lot more special characters than
 before. Remember to always use the left shift and alt, as the right ones
 are used for other things.

 High notekeys:  2 3   5 6 7   9 0   =
                Q W E R T Y U I O P [ ]

 Low notekeys:    S D   G H J   L ;
                 Z X C V B N M , . /

 F1 - Choose lo octave(From C-1 to G-3)
 F2 - Choose hi octave(From C-2 to B-3)

      F3 - Cut   (sample)
      F4 - Copy  (sample)
      F5 - Paste (sample)

 shft+F3 - Cut track to buffer
 shft+F4 - Copy track to buffer
 shft+F5 - Paste track-buffer to track

  alt+F3 - Cut whole pattern to buffer
  alt+F4 - Copy whole pattern to buffer
  alt+F5 - Paste patt-buffer to pattern

 ctrl+F3 - Cut commands to buffer
 ctrl+F4 - Copy commands to buffer
 ctrl+F5 - Paste cmd-buffer to track

 F6 - Go to patternposition 0
 F7 - Go to patternposition 16
 F8 - Go to patternposition 32
 F9 - Go to patternposition 48
 F10- Go to patternposition 63

 shft+F6-F10 - Store current patternposition on selected F-key
  alt+F6-F10 - Play pattern from the stored patternposition
 ctrl+F6-F10 - Record from the stored patternposition

Esc - Exit DiskOp/EditOp/PLST/PsetEd/Setup/Help etc...

 shft+Return  - Insert blank note at cursorposition and move
                the others down. Notes beyond patternposition
                63 will be lost!
 shft+Bckspce - Delete note above cursorposition and move
                the others up. You can NOT do this if you're
                at patternposition 0!

 alt+Return    - As above, but with all 4 tracks
 alt+Backspace - As above, but with all 4 tracks

 ctrl+Return    - Push cmds one down
 ctrl+Backspace - Drag cmds one up

 ctrl+0-9 - Select how many slots PT will jump down each time
            you insert a note (this is only in Edit-mode)

  alt+cursor right - patternnumber up
  alt+cursor left  - patternnumber down
 shft+cursor right - song-position up
 shft+cursor left  - song-position down
 ctrl+cursor left  - samplenumber up
 ctrl+cursor right - samplenumber down

 BackwardsSingleQuote (The key over TAB, you know?) - Go to CLI

      Help - Go to help or plst screen
 shft+Help - Toggle between Help or PLST on Help key

 Space - Toggle between Stop/Edit-mode

 < (beside Z) - Kill DMA & Volumes to 0
  right Amiga - Play Pattern
    right Alt - Play Song
  right Shift - Record
    Caps Lock - Toggle Keyrepeat on/off

      Del - Delete note under cursor
  alt+Del - Delete command only
 shft+Del - Delete note and command

 On Numeric pad:

          0 - Select Sample $0
    1st row - Select Sample $1-$4
    2nd row - Select Sample $5-$8
    3rd row - Select Sample $9-$c
    4th row - Select Sample $d-$f
 Just Enter - Select Sample $10

 Holding Enter + the other keys, will select sample $11-$1F

 Period (.) - Kill current sample

 Left Amiga (Plus keys below) - Transposing like in Edit Op. Screen 1

   Sample/Track        Sample/Pattern
   1 - Note Up         2 - Note Up
   Q - Note Down       W - Note Down
   A - Octave Up       S - Octave Up
   Z - Octave Down     X - Octave Down

   All/Track           All/Pattern
   3 - Note Up         4 - Note Up
   E - Note Down       R - Note Down
   D - Octave Up       F - Octave Up
   C - Octave Down     V - Octave Down

      Tab - Move cursor to next track
 Shft+Tab - Move cursor to prev track

 ctrl+A - Toggle channel on/off
 ctrl+B - Mark block
 ctrl+C - Copy block to buffer
 ctrl+D - Delete block, drag notes up
 ctrl+E - expand track
 ctrl+F - toggle filter on/off
 ctrl+G - Boost all samples
 ctrl+H - Transpose block up
 ctrl+I - Insert block, push notes down
 ctrl+J - Join-paste block
 ctrl+K - Kill to end of track
 ctrl+L - Transpose block down
 ctrl+M - Toggle multikeyboard on/off
 ctrl+N - Re-mark last block
 ctrl+O - Contract track
 ctrl+P - Paste block
 ctrl+Q - Unmute all channels
 ctrl+R - Restore F6-F10 positions
 ctrl+S - Toggle split keyboard on/off
 ctrl+T - swap tracks
 ctrl+U - undo last change
 ctrl+V - Filter all samples
 ctrl+W - Polyphonize block
 ctrl+X - Cut block to buffer
 ctrl+Y - Backwards block
 ctrl+Z - Restore Effects

 shft+0-9 - Store current command on selected key
  alt+0-9 - Insert command in current track

  alt+"\" - Copy command above cursor to current patternposition.
  alt+"=" - Copy command above cursor to current patternposition
            and add one to the value.
  alt+"-" - Copy command above cursor to current patternposition
            and subract one from the value.

  alt+A - Monitor/Start sampling
  alt+B - Boost sample
  alt+C - Toggle channel 3
  alt+D - Go to Disk Op.
  alt+E - Go to Edit Op.
  alt+F - Filter sample
  alt+I - Toggle AutoinsertEffect on/off
  alt+K - Delete current sample/track
  alt+M - Toggle metronome on/off
  alt+Q - Quit Protracker
  alt+R - Resample
  alt+S - Go to Sampler screen
  alt+T - Tuning Tone
  alt+V - Toggle channel 4
  alt+X - Toggle channel 2
  alt+Y - Save all samples
  alt+Z - Toggle channel 1

 alt+shift+M - Set metrochannel to current channel

      ' - Autoinsertmacro down
      # - Autoinsertmacro up (The key beside return)
      \ - Toggle keypad mode (dots!)
 Return - Step one note forward
 Backspc - Step one note backward
  Alt+any key on keypad - tune drumpad

 LeftAmiga+N - ScreenToBack
 LeftAmiga+M - ScreenToFront

Thanks. I'll try to make the commands match as well as possible.


1.5.3 is out, the usual warnings about hidden bugs apply. I'll get back to that protracker key mapping later.

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is the osx version 10.5+ only?