oh yeah, totally awesome and cheap. the tape really softens and warms the sharp edges in the mid's and brings the bass breathing room-i prefer it to cd or mp3.

i cant think of the particular artist. and it's driving me crazy...
he hand pants cassettes, and records all his only audio. then
he live mixes them with 2 cassette decks that he has ripped open.
he kinda "DJs" by pressing on the tapes and causing playback
errors. his soundscapes are awesome. like an audio collage.
i'll update this post if i think of the name...

tee hee! and i bought all the supplies from http://www.tapes.com/

great prices, and you can get the tapes made in any length you want.

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Jesus an0va, thats a sick release. smile Thanks to all that are responding, i didn't realize tapes are still this popular smile

Edit: Also, how much should i make, i was thinking a lot of 100, then 50, then 25, and now im thinking a lot of 50 again..? Sound good?

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you could make 25 and then make 25 more if they sell out

i don't think that many people actually buy chip music sad

Ok, sounds good. Will do smile And for price, i'll definitely try to keep it at 5 bucks or so?

dsv101 wrote:

Jesus an0va, thats a sick release. smile

It's already my favorite release of the year. smile It has that Zappa aesthetic that I really love and wish I could do someday.

the teaching machine was purely awesome too BTW...

Both of my albums are on cassette. Here's the most recent. http://revolutionwinter.storenvy.com/pr … -thrillogy

I definitely suggest doing it. just having something pysical and tangible goes a long way in making your release "real" to people and even yourself. Even just having something at hte merch table goes a long way. Most cassette companies do runs in 25s. I have a few recomendations for doing cassettes (i run a cassette label and have done 30 release, thus fars) so message me if you need any help.

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I did a split EP on cassette recently. It was fun, but I wish I would have recorded the music in a more analog-y.


lol, i just bought 10 tapes to mess with, to see if I should do them professionally or not. Because my dad and I have an old dual cassette deck with dubbing capabilities. Also, this way I can get a unique sound to the recording. For those interested, its an old Scott DD660 smile

you want something neato? Make your first copy, than dub it over an old thrift shop mix tape, one that has labels on labels if you can. The sounds will get kinda washy and warbly. This his will be heavier and you may get some of the old sound "leaking." That beat up tape can add some charm and dub the rest from that copy. Or you can hook the tunes to an amp in a bathroom or hallway and record it to cassette with a cheap mic, make it grungy with natural reverb. do a couple of experiments and see what you like.

I'll try a few methods with this batch smile And see what works best, and then ill make a batch of 25. Hopefully I can sell that much. smile

dsv101 wrote:

the teaching machine was purely awesome too BTW...

Thanks! smile

ALSO, wasn't there a chip cassette netlabel going on at some point?