In my eyes, Nintendocore is about as relevant to chip music as the sitar. Post-hardcore is full of these trendy little gimmicks all in an effort to sell bright colored t-shirts and flat brimmed baseball caps to whiny, somber emo kids. Chip hardcore or chip metal can be done correctly it just doesn't have to pander to the clientele of trendy teenagers.

Nintendocore is a very tricky subject as 99% of it is not made with genuine hardware. Most of these guys just sit at their computers, track something out and then scream into a mic or sing off key. Which I think can make it hard to relate to the chipmusic scene. Also about 95% of it is god awful.
There are only a few bands that I can really listen to and even they tend to make me cringe every once in awhile.
And nintendo core has been my favorite genre for the last few year. This is coming from a heavy back ground of screamo and post-harcore music.
The music I write I label as nintendocore because I actually use Nintendo consoles and about half of my music can be defined in someway to be "hardcore". It took me awhile to accept the term as I hate it and it just carries such a bad group of bands.
My favorites are GO:Eskimo, A Walk to Golgatha, iamerror and I Shot the Duck Hunt Dog.

If you want to hear my stuff and see what nintendocore can be when it isn't bogged down into a very small type of music then check this out. This is the album I released earlier this year: … e-demoh11/
It spans many genres. But I again I called it nintendocore because I regardless of what that name has ever meant I believe it best describes what I do.
To conclude this wall of text I love nintendocore to death but it could be so much more than it is if more people would just try a little bit harder!

I'm also doing a song for the pokemon split.
Check it here:

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ya gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys soul

OH. and I LOLed lol

My personal views on Nintendocore are not something that I can just flippantly share with the world through a careless forum post. I will say, however, that many would consider me a moderate on the larger spectrum of Nintendocore opinion. Thank you.

Damn track 4 is surprisingly beautiful. Clean guitar and screaming vox. A very pleasant mix.

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Damn track 4 is surprisingly beautiful. Clean guitar and screaming vox. A very pleasant mix.

Thank you! I really appreciate that!

so this is what nintendocore is supposed to be?

it's not bad

but what I want to do is throw a guitar in the mix and boost the drums for a smooth groove

idk too busy writing bullshit chip's challenge music to focus on my metalcore endeavors

more like I'm afraid to write lyrics

There is guitar and real drums in every track. The drums were mixed supper low and the Game Boy drums over power it intentionally.
My next release will only have real drums.


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I don't know a thing about Nintendocore other than I think HORSE the band are pretty fucking awful.

Nintendocore as WE KNOW IT will die. The artists will split into modern Chiptune, chipthrash, and the rest will be only slightly influenced by videogames.

I see a lot of nanoloop and LSDJ being used in Indy rock now too smile

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Mc Frontalot is legit. Too be honest, I haven't gotten really into the genre at all, but the rest of the stuff i've heard fucking sucks.Mc Chris is dicks


BooURNS !!!

Am I unwillingly Nintendocore?

/me quits chipchoon.