nanotree by ryba

Post your Nanovoice (or Nanosynth) pixels here.
Add sound demonstration of your picture.
No process of creating picture, just sound of finished piece.
the limit of the sound is 30 seconds.

/// Any ideas how to get sounds with pictures here? or Video? ///

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nanocube by ryba

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nanorobbie by ryba

these are cute!

nanooctopus by ryba … oicepixels

nanolion by ryba … oicepixels

nanofox by ryba … oicepixels

nanoteddy by ryba … oicepixels

nanodog by ryba … oicepixels

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The Nanoroobie would be pretty useable for a tune.

Sure you can use it, if you like.

9-Heart wrote:

The Nanoroobie would be pretty useable for a tune.

nice, i didn't know than this exist! XD

You didn't know Nanovoice/Nanosynth?
Or you didn't know you can use it for drawing big_smile ?
Draw us something nice...