dang I'm new here, @jessefightbears


look at how good I am at photography

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handmade nerdcore, random things that i think are neat, and myself - dearallie

I'm @dwags but I don't really have anything to do with chip music other than loving it

http://instagram.com/lamptonworm - I put up some DMG/LSDJ pics recently but who knows what else will go on there over time. Any idea if you can embed the pics on the forum rather than just a link?

Just followed everyone that posted in here and that i was able to find on instagram. smile


vickvs. i upload chip stuff from year to year, but whatev




@10kfreemen if I've never mentioned that. IF I HAVE IGNORE THIS POST.

@marzrt (on instagram) I post all my dmg and chiptuny stuff on there.



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