oh shit... Les Chats sur la Lune is awesome and the cover is really cool. just wanted to let you know that I really like what I have heard so far.

Thanks, I noticed you in the list of listeners. Glad you like it! heart

just set it up...

I can't remember if I joined.

I don't know why I'm not getting any listeners. Can someone check this out for me?

Someone made my Last.FM page, and its tagged wrong, and none of my songs are playable. there are a TON of songs listed though.. i didnt make this. how can i fix/change this??? offers plug-ins for audio playback software (iTunes, Winamp, whatever) that report listening habits back to the database -- artist, track title, album, play count. artist pages get created automatically the first time someone out there in the world with one of these plug-ins listens to a track by that artist. Anyone can edit any of the artist pages, for instance
"Nothing has been written here yet. Feel like writing a description for KOOL SKULL? Edit this page."
where "Edit this page" is clickable and will allow you to put in whatever content you want.

Tags reflect what users have tagged your music with.

Your music isn't playable because you haven't uploaded your own tracks to