No big deal, just a little group cos I like seeing the charts of groups of people...

Join if you dig.

Done. smile

joined. ;D

not that I use it that much lately... but great thing anyway!
I'm in!

Artist & Country connections please smile

goatslacker wrote:

Artist & Country connections please smile

Did you go to the page before you wrote this here?
No country connections, that shit is lame - chip be worldwide.

Further on this, we don't need to connect to every artist ever. The group is about seeing what we listen to, nothing more. (though there is not really any chipsound stuff on there... yet. remember I'm kinda new to this all)

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Joined, hell yeah!


A few other groups, just to compare listening tendencies:
  - I AM 8-BIT  (1,883 members)
  - 8bitcollective  (315 members)
  - I heart 8-bit  (87 members)

me: /orgwell

I've been a member for a number of years, off & on.  I'd highly recommend subscribing, and also the iScrobbler mini-app.
Someone else got xwd first.


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Done smile