I wondered earlier if it was possible to databend images within the Processing language. It turns out it is. So here is my first experiment:


Note: I am only a little bit responsible for anything that happens to your computers. Tried it several times on mine, though, and it worked fine. It does stop working after a while for some reason O.o

Code is available to anyone who asks, considering I'm too lazy to upload it at the moment. And, finally, it works with any image [I just used one from 8bc, kudos to whoever it belonged to] but it needs to be named 'picture.jpg'. Enjoy!

Nice work. ;D

Also, the source is already there. wink

Haven't used Processing in a while, nor have I done any coding, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but I think I kinda get it.

ehehe poor Captain Falcon. tongue

Hehe, an automated databending tool? I'm glad we don't have an Image section here, then. Cool little experiment though! smile

Thanks big_smile And yeah, turns out the source was there - I didn't really check in detail what was in the folder tongue By the way, due to the way I wrote it, stopping the sketch means that whatever picture was displayed on the screen at that moment will actually be in the folder under the name 'picturee.jpg'. Good way to upload them tongue

The way it works is basically by copying the base image 'picture.jpg' into the edited image 'picturee.jpg' at the start, then it continuously loads the edited image, makes a couple of changes, saves it again and displays it on the screen.

yeah, I figured that out. ;D

I had a little fun with it, and some bread. ;p

I learned a little processing for some visual use, its pretty neat.

Nice, tacticalbread tongue And yeah tehforsterer, I love just messing around with it. At the moment I'm using the same basic code, but seeing what I can do to wav files...


Cool stuff. I've tried running this script and I get a NullPointerException error on line 7. Any help is appreciated!

Otherwise, I did a bit of a databending script awhile back for linux/unix that uses sox and imagemagick


If you know how to use sox you can easily replace or add other effects