Hey I dunno if anyone else uses a GBC here, but I wanted to share my new mod with you wink

I stumbled upon a few of those "bass mods" for DMGs and thought about applying something in similar fashion to my already prosounded GBC.

So the idea was to replace the capacitors connected to the sound outputs on the CPU with something bigger and fancier wink.

4.7uF capacitors will do the trick wink


Blue - L
Yellow - R
Red - GND

You need to desolder the old capacitors and solder the new ones to the L and R solder points. Then connect the new capacitors and the GND solder point to an audio socket and voila.

It's super easy if you already have a prosound mod.

Oh, and I almost forgot... Here are the sound demos wink

Raw, recorded in Audacity through Line Input in my PC.

LITTLE TO NO BASS ;(( before


I hope you'll like it wink


btw I also made the "noise filtering mod" and its super cool wink

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I use a CGB right now, as my DMG got wet, but I may have to do this and make it my permanent choice man!


that's awesome.

why did you choose non polarized caps?

I had a spare left and they work better as coupling caps.

Using polar ones isn't such a great idea because you subject the capacitor to backwards voltages on half of every cycle of audio. Such a brief reversal won't cause an explosion, but the capacitor will behave more nonlinear and in theory it will influence the sound.

EDIT: Maybe tommorow I'll test it with uber cheap polar ones and upload a demo to check if there's any real difference.

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scannerboy wrote:

EDIT: Maybe tommorow I'll test it with uber cheap polar ones and upload a demo to check if there's any real difference.

please do =] im interested =]

Here you go - POLAR ELECTROLYTIC The result is very similar wink

Maybe later I'll buy a pair of cheap 2.2uF and 10uF to estimate the best capacitor value wink

Anyway this would work with a pocket?

Ordinary 2.2uF electrolytic capacitors do the trick aswell - SAMPLE

SirPrize: I can't see why not. Unfortunetly I sold my pocket to a friend of mine for a few beers. You'd need to check which two capacitors to replace. Though I don't know how the bass sounds on the pocket already so I don't know if the diffrence would be so massive as on the GBC.

Bass sounds like shit and the speakers are always weak, been attempting to find someway to make them stronger without an amp. I seriously don't remember them being that shitty. Could you check which ones to replace? I don't even know the first place to look for that, but I sure as hell could order the cap and solder it in.

i don't think this BASS MOD affects the sound you get from the speaker

the lack of bass there is something else not caused by electronics

SirPrize: I'm pretty sure these are the two but I can't test it so I'm not 100% sure ;/

Red - L
Blue - R

ant1: if you desolder the capacitors you won't get any sound from the speaker wink

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dl link for unlimited bass no worky

works now?

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dang, nice! pretty great difference.

edit: that little sample sounds nice too. wink

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