ohio gozaimasu

Sup chippers, I'm trying to find a new mixer to buy, but I'm really stuck here.

- Under $150 (I can stretch a bit)
- 4 channels (3-channel could possibly work)
- Some sort of EQ

Strong Preferences:
- Cue buttons
- Mic input
- Assignable cross-fader
- Fx send
- Individual 3-band EQ

Slight preferences:
- Overall EQ
- Individual metering
- Crossfader slope control

I was thinking the Numark M6, but it has no fx send or overall EQ. I was also thinking  of the PYD1932, but it has no individual EQ, slope adjuster, or USB. Are there any other dj mixers out there I should know of? If not, which would be my best choice?

Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience.


You might be hard up to get all of those features in a DJ mixer for that price; but if you go with just a mini-mixer you can make some of them with the Behringer Xenyx 802 which is very popular amongst Chip musicians.

Here's the best matches I could find; though I haven't actually tried any of them.

Seattle, WA US

Yeah, you will want to spend more money if 4 channels is a requirement.

What do you plan to use the cue buttons for?

Seattle, WA US

Overall EQ is a little silly as well, if you ask me. If there's assignable FX, you would be able to run the effect on whichever channels you wanted. Overall EQ would get confusing as far as I'm concerned if you had EQ for the individual channels.

ohio gozaimasu

Thanks guys. I'm definitely thinking I should go with the m6. I could just integrate a mini-kp and EQ (3-band just won't do it) post-mixer, even if I won't be able to hear the effects through my headphones.

If I were to up my price range to say, $250, would there be any significantly better options?

Thanks again.

San Diego, CA

hey -- a little late, but I have an m6 and it's working just fine for me. the PROBLEM is that it has nothing but the absolute essentials (3-band EQ, pre-fader cue, etc.). it doesn't even have an FX send, so the mini-kp will have to be your master out (ew) unless you can finangle a way to get it not your master out.

HOWEVER. for 250, you can start shooting for the behringer djx750, which is the numark m6 PLUS an FX send and some other (probably shitty) effects to mess around with. I'm definitely looking at that one so I can stop making my kp3 the master out because everything sounds gross if that's the case smile