d_(^_^)b d(^_^)_b two dancy thumbs up.

Just listened to the first two tracks so far.

Soooooo strooooong

totally boring omg

it's not like I've heard all of these tracks a million times or anything

or have played with bleeds at like every show for the last few months whatever

(j/k it RIPS)

Loved it all, I'm new to this community, and chip-tunes in general
Very inspirational to me haha.

Thanks for doing what you do.

I expected nothing but the best.
You delivered.
Thank you for still being in my top 5.

To be fair though, i've heard most of these live many times haha

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aww thx wiz~
yeah..I've been playing a lot of these live but never officially released them. A lot of them are covers too..hahaha

Wow. This is really good. I think, listen 2 me, was my favorite. I'm going to be dancing to this for a while. smile

Considering that this is essentially a compilations of the awesome covers you've done (with a couple originals), it is missing some quite notable tracks, such as
Requiem For a DMG
That Heaven Scent-ish Remix you played live that one time
And probably some others I'm forgetting

Goddamn you play the best music ever.

haha thank you auxcide and wizwars! you guys are too kind

thanx for bumping. this is a good night to listen ;P

so yeah it's kind of easy to figure out that all we do down here in San Diego is dance