ohio gozaimasu

      "With Nuclace's new release, "CYHMN ##RELOAD THE BENJIS", he has created a style of chip that's both relaxing and engaging. This release is the kind of release that you can chill to; you don't have to dance, you don't have to run to your room and cry because you stubbed your toe doing too many backflips on your surfboard. You just have to sit somewhere, put this on, and listen. Yet even with his laid back style, Nuclace manages to create a mix of sounds and beats that involves the listener and doesn't make them want to run off a cliff (Take my word for it, not running off a cliff is a pretty good idea). So if you don't feel like doing that, you should take a listen. If you do, then it's your loss."



The Multiverse ::: [CA, Sac]


I really like CC and UWFC.


yugi mutou in girl boobs

i liked your other releases better ... sad
it feels chipforced, i think you can do a lot better with a wider variety of insruments, just my opinion. keep at it !

Asheville, NC

I'm gonna agree that I liked your other stuff more, but still. good vibes.

NC in the US of America

Just danwed on me this is "chipped" remixes of his first EP and "Glimpse"

Was wondering where I'd heard that snare beat before...