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I know this isn't directly chip related, but TiMidity++ does play modules. But this is a question regarding Soundfonts and drumkit banks.

Long story short, I want Timidity to load other drumkits other than "1 Standard" for the soundfont "General User GS". For some reason, no matter what kit the midi file uses, Timidity will only play the Standard Kit.

Also, looking at all the screenshots like the one here:

It appears that my version of Timidity is somehow missing the interface to the right. All I have is the basic "Play, Stop, Next, Back, etc.." window, but no "tracer" whatever that is. It's been like that for every system I've installed it on so far (3).

It's all very confusing and poorly documented. Can somebody help me please? Operating system is Ubuntu 10.04.

Can somebody please point in the right direction? Hopefully there's somebody here who can help me... I'm desperate. I've been searching for a couple of years, but finally decided to just ask.



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NC in the US of America

I'm really trying to avoid JACK. I used to have qsynth on my old computer. I didn't need JACK for it, though. Actually, the last time I tried to use jack it actually worked, come to think of it... but JACK is my last resort.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also want to use a system-wide softsynth so that even Totem and Rhythmbox and everything else will play using the soundfont instead of that silly freepats thing.

And I really really really want to be able to convert the midi files to wav, because some of my online friends want the OSTs to the two games I composed for (Vista Quest and Vista Quest 2) on their ipods, and I want it to sound good. This is the mainest thing.


yes timidity++ does do that drum kit thing. it is annoying

no idea how to fix it sorry