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Dubmood - Transregional des Pyrenées (DATA009)

Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone interested an update on the Data Airlines catalog. This release just came out yesterday. Chip techno/house created on LSDJ by Dubmood. It includes remixes by Facteur, Fred Berthet and Goto80!  You can get it on Amazon,  Itunes and  but it will soon be online at spotify, deezer and beatport. Here's the as well, for streaming song previews. We've been working hard over at Data Airlines these past few months to bring you new, quality, content. Keep your eyes and ears open.for additions to our catalog!


- MisfitChris



New York City

TOP release.
Really dig the original and the Goto 80 remix is fucking, fucking, fucking nuts. 

However the cover "art" should improve, next time hire an artist to make you one as cool as the music inside the release.

Keep up the great work.

venezuela ccs

Thank you friend, I always appreciate your works, i remember your excellent Silent Shout remix of The Knife...

EBOT wrote:

excellent Silent Shout remix of The Knife...

Woah, woah, woah what? where can I check this out??

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