Double-posted for truth

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But male nudity is HILARIOUS!

I agree with ant1, the music is way better than the description suggests.

I also agree with OP, if something is the "future of chipmusic," this might be it. Sometimes the best way to make waves for a style of music that might seem "weird" to people is to present it in a totally new way. For example:

but what do I know.

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George wrote:

But male nudity is HILARIOUS!

Right up there with white rapping!

What this is sick! Loving it.

Would love to see savs lololol

agree with frostbyte, the xms would be nice

no new future for chipmusic should involve sharing mp3s and mp3s only wink

I keep reading this as "Chip Music IV: A    New Hope".

Fuck. This is so good.

while the op's title seems a little loaded for a release thread , i can agree that this that hot shit.

ah shit, the day i release something THIS comes out... just my luck, haha wink

George wrote:

I keep reading this as "Chip Music IV: A    New Hope".


This is seriously sooo good. Empire is an awesome track.


super, super great.  reminds me of nagz's more experimental stuff.


Fucking fantastic. Mind blown