Hello guys I recently restored and added to my studio set a Macintosh Plus system. Then looking for software i got this page from Google: http://www.euronet.nl/users/mvdk/sound.html

I'm testing and playing with the Studio Session app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSlla5nEJkk

Do you tried to compose music using this kind of computers before? Any app suggestion?

Let me know!


i dont have a system 6 or 7 mac, I am however trying to get basilisk 2 working on my gp2x and shapeshifter running on my amiga. As such I was looking for graphic design software to run on mac os6/7/8.

This site is good http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/music-sound

Hope this of some help!

If i remember correctly turbosynth is an amazing modular sysnthesizer (non-realtime unfortunately- which means its use is creating samples to be used in other applications/ samlers etc)

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WOW!, thanks man!

no worries, my pleasure! let me know if you find good apps dude!

especially if you find some working, fully functional versions of pro tools or cubase. TBH i havent got either of my virtual mac machines working yet (tho i do have a ppc g4 imac capable of running os9 thru classic environment) so I havent really tested any of the apps on the site.

you may well have to keep your eye out for the apps that are labelled 68k on the architechture info

Yes... I'm doing some tests now... I also have and old PowerBook 1400cs with System 7.5 indeed... I'm downloading the PROTOOLS version on macintoshgarden to make some test on that old macintosh laptop.

The apps called "MusIc works" and "Super Studio Sessions" are good and I believe I would be able to make some interesting tunes with these guys combined with my gameboys ;-) . I would also want to use my original midibox from Apple with my keyboard.

Here's a picture:

oh man, i totally want one of those! and some oldskool mac! well cool!

I guess for midi though, my STe will suffice, once i either get access to a floppy drive, or find some cool cat to make me a few disks!

Il check the ones you mentioned, keep any finds coming! smile

edit* BTW there are multiple versions of both pro tools and cubase on that site. not all will be compatible with 6/7/8 but id imagine the vast majority are!

edit2* dunno if you use samplers at all but if so, antares infinity is the best crossfade looper ever made. it will create you amazing looping samples where it is almost impossible to hear the loop point. I know ALOT of sample producers keep an old mac around just so they can use it. not sure if it will work on the earlier macOSes tho (6/7)

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Cool! man I will post my progress here big_smile

Notendo posted a pic on instagram a few weeks back of some old system 6 tracker. I gotta get going for work, but I'll try to dig it up when I get home.

edit: also, how would I get this software onto my Mac Plus?

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good thread, i JUST got one of the midi devices the other day.  looking forward to the progress of this...

Hi Kitsch, nice to see you in this thread wink... ok @Moriokun here is what i do + other suggestions...

95% of the music software for Macintosh Plus, or 512K or even the 128k model are huge (between 4 MB to 20 MB or more)... so that's mean you can't use these apps by using floppy disks (800k).  So I bought and plugged a Iomega 100 SCSI drive to the external drive port of the Macintosh Plus... then in  one zip (100 MB) disk I installed System 7.2 + the music apps... that's mean you will have lot of space on those 100 MB to save tracks and even copy more music apps from Macintosh Garden or the System 6 heaven website (check the links down into this post). Another way would be to have an external (vintage) SCSI Apple drive, like the 20 or 40 / 80 SC models with system 6 or 7 indeed plus the music apps (external-boot-drive).

The hard part of the process it's about how you make the set-up, install, and make a good BOOT iomega zip disk to work with the Macintosh Plus. In my case I'm a lucky man cause my best friend own about 20 vintage macintosh computer models on his studio... So I approach his expertise configuring, and creating this boot-able zip disks. I'm also learning and buying different hardware stuff to make this process by myself... I would keep you posted about this  ;-).

My advice if you don't want to spend so much money or even just want to do some test before to continue with the Macintosh Plus adventure ;-), you could always visit and order a custom disk from this website: http://rescuemyclassicmac.com/ . Kevin is the name of the website owner, you can order or send an email to him + a blank zip drive disk + the software you want, and this guy will create a boot disk to work with. I really recommend the service of this guy cause I ordered many floppy discs with mythic games like Dark Castle or Apache Strike, Shuffle Puck, about 3 months ago.

You could even send to him a DropBox link with the all apps you want installed in one zip disk.

So at this point please add to your bookmarks these links:

- Music Apps from Macintosh Garden: http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/music-sound  (<---Thanks Domu)
- Music Apps from System 6 heaven: http://www.euronet.nl/users/mvdk/sound.html
- Rescue my Classic Mac: http://rescuemyclassicmac.com/
- My Old Mac: http://www.myoldmac.net/

By the way, please post the old system 6 tracker app name... I would want to test-it big_smile


I'm now making a song with Music Works running on System 6.0.8 big_smile... it's a simple, and quite powerful vintage music app ;-)

Hello again... are you dead? :-( ... :-P

Guys you'll must check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBkcIjwg5tk


If you can get up to system 7, check out:
http://www.wizardmaster.com/bludgeonsof … index.html

Cool!!!, yes!, I have system disk 6.0.8 nd System 7.0.1 - I would test this big_smile

See of you can find Opcode Vision; it's what Live reminded me of when it came out.


Great stuff!!, I just noticed that the out put jack of the Macintosh Plus is MONO :-( ... so I'm planing and see if would be possible to hack this and make it stereo... any thoughts?