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self-explanatory - out of curiosity, why exactly do all of you compose or listen to chiptunes as opposed to another genre of music? sound quality? community? nostalgia? because you think everything else just flatout sucks? personally i listen/compose because of the absolutely awesome sounds people make out of amigas/C64s/gameboys/etc. that are one-of-a-kind - you just don't see people making such elaborate and amazing music on what a lot of people would consider barebones hardware.


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Personally, because of the same reason that have the painters or photographers to done pictures using only black & white: limitation, purity and to catch the core of what you want to transmit; mixed with lot of nostalgia coming from childhood.

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I wanted to make electro house music. So for some god knows why reason I chose LSDJ and a Gameboy instead of getting like, ableton or something. I mean, I'm really glad I have the skills I do now and can make some of these sounds, but I wish I learned hi-fi stuff first so that I'd have spent the past two years on something I can make a career out of instead of this. Now I barely have any time due to having a job and school stuff, so I don't know how I'm going to be able to teach myself to produce stuff that a modern label would want to put out next to Feed Me and Madeon.

Either way I love it and am not planning on stopping.


I grew up wrong.

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^^ +1 for limitation and nostalgia combo. I imagine alot of the people around here would cite those two as major draws.


I used to write albums and albums of General MIDI using a program called TabIt. Other musicians did the whole "sounds like Mario" claim and wouldn't play the parts, so I started making chip to say "no, this is Mario (at a rave)"

That and I got tired of having to learn how to properly mix.

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Just because.

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so i can write an answer in this kind of thread every 4-6 months

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I started because of live IAYD chip shows that were insane. The vibe, the crowds reactions, the hype, all that. It got me going. It's crazy what electronic chip music can make crowds do. Then me and Alex became a bit closer and he lead me in my way to start composing chip music. Woooo.

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I love the way it sounds and the buttons on my drum machine stopped working. Also, bandmates kept moving away, and it's an economically efficient way of having a fuller, more band-like sound.

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Saskrotch wrote:

so i can write an answer in this kind of thread every 4-6 months

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I'm only able to create art and truly express myself through my thumbs.


sound, pure and simple


The reasons I listen to chip music:

1.) The vibes
2.) The way it sound so complex like todays modern electronic music
3.) How you can make the music out of small sound chips
4.) How old computers can use in a different way then what they weren't suppose to
5.) How easy it is to make and understand
6.) How a chip musicians look hella cool behind a blip wall
7.) A reason to pimp out your Gameboy
8.) Cause it's not mainstream and sooooo underground
9.) The community
10.) Bit Shifter

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street cred and hoez


Couldn't figure out how to use a DAW. Still can't.