Matthew Joseph Payne

Sortof last minute notice I realize...

Tomorrow night my comissioned piece for flute and gameboy running LSDJ is being premiered. Flight of the Bleeper Bird is a three movement piece that treats the flute not as a soloist, but as an extra voice to be included with the gameboy's usual foursome.
I'm also playing some droney partially chip stuff with console glitch visuals at this show.

The Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St, San Francisco, 94110

Facebook event:


vancouver, canada

so um... is there an instrument you don't play??

Matthew Joseph Payne

There are more than a few, and flute is one of them! Meerenai Shim is the fantastic flutist who is performing this piece. smile

She's also recording it later on in the year, and it'll be out on her next album!