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Hey guys,

As money is tight I will be letting this bad boy go, as I don't give any use to it anyway.

Up for sale is this Clear Play It Loud DMG, with:
- Clear directional, A and B buttons and clear power switch. This is one really clear DMG tongue
- 3.5" miniplug post-pot Prosound jack (and both the original headphone plug and the internal speaker have been kept intact and functioning too)
- KITSCH BENT LEDx3 vB backlight module (just installed it today). NOT INVERTED. It still has the original polarization film, so it looks really good.
- Underclock mod done by GIJS GIESKES (the master himself, yes)

The only thing this unit is missing is the power LED. Why? Because this unit used to have a home made sidelight (you know, backlight modules didn't exist 4 years ago) and for that to happen you had to remove the power LED. I didnt keep it so today when I installed the new backlight, the unit has been left without the power LED. Other than that, everything is perfect. The screen is perfect with no lines missing or anything. The case has some fair use scuffs, remember this item isn't new.

I got it 4 years ago and haven't used it much, except when I needed an underclocked unit (and I only have one underclocked song, so that's how much I have used it). It looks great now with the new Kitsch-Bent backlight module and the clear buttons. It's one unit I would keep if I could!

About underclocking: screen goes flickery when you underclock. This is completely normal. Also, if you switch while playing, some times it crashes. Usually not, but I gotta say, try to switch it before you start playing a tune in LSDJ, not while it's playing. Here's a test anyway (as I dont care about corrupting memory):

(Volume is really low on this video, sorry)

I am looking for 90 GBP+shipping ONO. Inside the UK, it's about 3 pounds to ship it.
Payment to be done by Paypal exclusively, fees paid by buyer or money sent as gift, your choice.

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New York City

Help me stop my poverty temporarily. You know you want to make your untz untz on this fine specimen.