Berlin School is a kind of trance/ambient/experimental electronic music invented in Germany and played by such artists as Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze and others. With Strange Light Under My Bed, Yerzmyey — a veteran electronic music composer — has revisited the genre, using the retro-computers.

"I remember my surprise when I found out that those musicians, playing mostly in 70s, were often using rather simple electronic instruments (especially in comparison to modern monster-machines) and 80% of their incredible cosmic sound was... recording studio effects. The most obvious next thought was: if that's the case, then maybe I could re-create those conditions but with... retro-computers? smile

That's how this album was created. Here you find trance/ambient music composed on several retro platforms, recorded track by track, with a lot of studio-effects added, to create — along with those classic sound-chips — some mysterious cosmic atmosphere. The only instruments (and sequencers) were the retro-computers. All the material has been recorded from real ancient hardware track by track and put through sound-effects. Like, if Jean Michel Jarre or Tangerine Dream would be making music on ZX Spectrum, Atari or Amiga — the final outcome would be still the same as it is now.

P.S. If anybody is interested in original fragments of the tracks, without any FX added, I should have some of them, just for curiosity. Drop me a note: [email protected]"

— Yerzmyey.

- ZX Spectrum 128K,
- ZX Spectrum 48K,
- Amiga 500,
- Atari 520 ST,
- Atari Falcon 030.

Retro-software used:
- for Spectrum 128K: SoundTracker 1.1,
- for Spectrum 48K: Orfeus/SpecialFX,
- for Amiga 500: OctaMED 4.0,
- for Atari 520 ST: Music-Mon V2.5e,
- for Atari Falcon 030: ACE Tracker 0.997.

Sound-chips used in individual machines:
- ZX Spectrum 128K: General Instrument AY-3-8912
- ZX Spectrum 48K: Zilog Z80A + Ferranti ULA 6C001E (beeper)
- Amiga 500: Paula 8364
- Atari 520 ST: Yamaha YM2149F
- Atari Falcon 030: Motorola DSP 56001.

Recording studio sound-effects and modern software used:
- Zoom RFX 2000
- Zoom Studio 1201
- Behringer Xenyx 1002 FX
- Behringer FEX 800
- Cool Edit Pro 2.1
- Sony Sound Forge 8.0.

In general — recording-studio effects used:
- track-by-track recording
- filters
- phasers
- choruses
- flangers
- delays
- noise-gates
- echoes
- reverbs
- equalizers
- compressors
- limiters.

1. Noise Reduction (4:28)
2. Unknown Radiation Spectrum (7:30)
3. Enormous Magnitude (10:09)
4. Strange Light Under My Bed (10:52)
5. Starlies (9:20)

All music composed and produced by Yerzmyey

Artwork by 7thSealArts

Download for free from Ubiktune: … der-my-bed

Austin, Texas

This is fucking great.


I want 10 more albums like this please

ovenrake wrote:

I want 10 more albums like this please

me too, phenomenal release!

ohio gozaimasu



Can tell there was a lot of love put into this (even for such a consistent composer as Yerzmyey) and I cannot even begin to explain how refreshing it is to see someone who a) is doing something with chipmusic that hasn't been done before and b) isn't afraid to combine genuine console sound with other gear to achieve that.

Easily a release of the year.

Nomad's Land
Stevens wrote:

Easily a release of the year.

seconded. this is mind-blowing. absolutely beautiful. i'm lacking the words to describe the awesomeness of this release. congratulations on this masterpiece.

also didn't know you were a MusicMon user, yerz wink


Music you can drift off to smile Great stuff

Bronx, NY

fine insane album

Austin, Texas

I just took a break from listening to this album to listen to this album again.

montreal, qc


Westfield, NJ

oh my.


This is really great.


Dear god. Fantastic.

ohio gozaimasu

Wait, where's UBI050?

Savannah, Georgia

maybe that was the ubiktune bundle. i dunno.