I got another question for you all.
I went to the electronics store the other day and took home these

The man in the electronics store told me those were stereo jacks and they weren't expensive at all so I took 'm home.

Do these work the same as a pro sound mod bought from kitsch or are these different and unusable?

Thanks in advance my chipers!

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I suggest you using the expensive ones that you can get, they are better build.

However, this will work.

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they look fine, seem to have all the connections for LEFT, RIGHT, and GROUND.  thats all it takes for stereo.

thinking about it from the perspective of the plug which goes into these jacks:
LEFT = the tip of the plug
RIGHT = the shaft/middle of the plug
GROUND = the 'common', its the section farthest from the tip

just by looking at this jack you should be able to sort out which is which.

something worth noting:  a general thing to look for in panel-mount jacks (which is the style of this part), is whether the thickness of the panel (the gameboy case) is too big for the length of the threading on the jack.  you may not be able to screw the nut onto the jack's threads at all (or far enough) and hold it to the case, if the case is too thick.  you can solve the issue if this is the situation, but when buying them fresh its just a good thing to check for.  saves having to 'make' it work.


Thanks a lot!

I'll just try it out and see if it works, if it doesn't I'll buy a pro sound mod wink