1. Return of The
2. Makin It
3. In the Thick of It
4. Risk Your Best Endeavours
5. Face to Face to Face
6. Attacks and Deliverance
7. Hills
8. Absolute No Give Up
9. City of Null

lpower is back with his most absorbing release to date - Abinox.

The compositions here are longer, moodier and feature more minimalist concepts than his previous works. The Canadian composer wanted to examine and explore how 16-bit video game soundtracks were put together in the old days, and he assembled a 'super setup' of nostalgic chips and synths (TurboGrafx-16, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, NES, OSCar synth, Yamaha DX7) with which to do so. The music on Abinox does not always loop, allowing lpower more freedom than usual to study the emotions of in-game progression, the ups and downs, victories and failures. So rather than focus on a specific storyline or genre, Abinox is actually a game soundtrack about game soundtracks.

Download for free: HERE


This is great.


This release was a really wonderful listen (and by the looks of it, deserves far more attention) smile
Well done, sir, well done


bump for lpower becuase cmon. check the older material too.

Hialeah, FL

so glad this was bumped, hooray for new lpower!