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Greetings everyone!  I will be performing this Saturday at an Art Event in NYC.  Here are the details:

New York, November 10th 2012 – TEMP is pleased to announce CAN’T HEAR MY EYES, an evening of performance art and music by is. (aka Richie Brown) and HeavyW8bit organized by co-curators Chris Romero, Kimi Kitada, and Kristin North. Brown’s performance of the Will Smith E.P. opens the night, followed by HeavyW8bit’s melodic chiptunes.

is. (aka Richie Brown) takes his performing name from an interest in language and the writings of Alfred Korzybski. In his performance Will Smith E.P., Brown appropriates the music and films of rapper and actor Will Smith to comment on identity, popular music, and the tropes of hip-hop. Brown’s work manipulates and deconstructs Smith’s image, satirically echoing Smith’s transformation from a young rapper to an Oscar-nominated actor. The outcome is an abstract portrait of the former Fresh Prince that is equal parts experiment, tribute, and obsession. Brown’s work has been featured at 3rd Ward, Brooklyn; Webster Hall, NYC; and The Gutter Gallery, NJ.

HeavyW8bit, a chiptune musician, repurposes computer and video game consoles to create original musical compositions. Chiptune, as a genre, magnifies the capabilities of video game systems, giving new life to outdated devices. As a performer, Heavy’s stage persona pays homage to the exuberance of 80s and 90s professional wrestlers, which gained increased cultural attention at the same time as video games. Heavy’s custom-made software, capable of transforming the NES into a drum machine and the Atari 2600 into a lo-fi visual mechanism aids his prowess in the chiptune arena. Heavy has played all over New York including Queens Museum of Art, PULSEWAVE NYC, I/O Chip Music, and Figment.

TEMP Art Space
57 Walker Street, New York, New York 10013

Saturday, November 10, 2012
7:00pm - 8:30pm

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