Not sure if this has rolled out completely yet but the Fan pages/accounts on BC are pretty neat.  I've already found some cool stuff I never would have heard of.

Here's the link to mine:

I didn't know this existed, that's pretty cool.


Wow thats awesome

Dang! Rad!

Fan accounts are currently in private beta, and we're all full up.

duh !

ITT egr shows off

Saskrotch wrote:

ITT egr shows off

Everyone must know how much I love The Delta Saints!!  And how many Collapsed Desires concerts I have bought!

Still in beta right?

xylo wrote:

Still in beta right?

Looks like it.  I did get confirmation that the finial version will include free albums along with ones you've paid for.


Does the fan page system give you an kind of handy way to redownload your purchases?

Here is me!

I love you so much bandcamp

danimal cannon wrote:

I love you so much bandcamp

I'm with ya.  I've never encountered a company that actually responds to every email with legitimate responses and on the same day.  Amazing service all around.