i can't get it to work. exporting the "test" .nsf from the "test" .it works fine (even if i alter it), but when i try to make my own .nsf from my own .it with the same name and correct info in the message editor it doesn't work. what am i doing wrong?

i'm using all the files that came with this package :

cmon ant1 i see you online surely you know about this tool for IMPULSE TRACKER

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The tool is a tempermental bitch and very unforgiving too.  The way I was making my song by importing the IT into MilkyTracker, doing my thing, then importing it into SchismTracker.  In SchismTracker I made sure to add the right comment commands so that the SuperNSF parser knew this was a file it could use.  I saved as IT in SchismTracker.  Afterward, I imported into ModPlug Tracker and double-checked the comment commands and saved as IT in ModPlug Tracker.  For some reason SuperNSF would like to process it and it worked after that convoluted cycle of nonsense.


hmmm thanks for the info, that's a good idea, writing it in milky. i will give it another shot.

though, it really confuses me because i even copied the comments from the test song and it still wouldn't process as an .nsf.


if anyone else could share their experiences plz do

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I've never had a problem.  I use SchismTracker on Linux.  Running the tool via Wine works without issue.  Since it's been a couple of years, I tested it just now.


i fixed it

i think i had modified the batch file by accident....

regardless, that milkytracker plan works perfect and makes this thread very profitable . thx